With this cunning shrinkage jeans will be at the time of even pregnant

This method of redesigning jeans deserves attention. You have to spend a little time, and as a result get the stylish jeans of the right size. Sometimes the denim shrinks, and it also happens that the jeans set aside until the next season become small in the belt. You can take advantage of the idea and with fluctuations in weight, as a result of the alteration, jeans fit perfectly on the figure. Even those who do not have sewing skills will be able to save money when updating their wardrobe.

To fit the jeans under the figure for the beginning we cut off the pockets.

You will have to stock up with a wide elastic rubber band, the height of which should exceed the cut parts. The length of the gum depends on the size of the jeans and the shape of the pocket.

Gently sew up the elastic band in place of pockets and cut off excess fragments. Jeans after that can stretch even on several sizes.

Such a trick will allow you to update your wardrobe and get new stylish things. Using this way you can redo not only pants, but also shorts.

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