Windmill from the cooler

The windmill from the cooleris more a toy than a real one. It produces 1.5-2 volts with a breeze of 4 km / h and a current of 20 mA, which is quite enough to charge one battery. But you can do more than one, so the prospect is still there. . .
And so go!
Take the standard cooler from the computer:
We need to disassemble it and connect the wiring directly to the coils and remove the Hall sensor, similar to a 4-pin transistor, we don't need it. In principle, you can do without it, because the cooler may already work as a generator, but if this is not done, there will be very little energy.
We connect by switching on all coils in series for a single-phase generator, or a triangle for a three-phase generator, as you like.
Next, we need rectifier diodes, any will do. I think that you can easily assemble a rectifier circuit from them.If not, then look at past publications about a generator for a windmill, there is such a scheme.
Connect the LED to the output and blow to the cooler . The LED is on - everything is fine!
Then we need to cut off the blades and the base from the cooler. We don’t need them anymore.
We cut.
Making new blades. We take a thick-walled plastic bottle.
And cut out the blade from it. Here I think nothing to explain is not necessary - you will figure out what and how much. I have three lobed turned out.
Glue the blades with super glue.
Next, take a wooden rail and drill a hole, then understand why.
And from the other end of the slot for the CD, it will serve as a weather vane.
And this is the base to ground for stability.

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