Why you can not push acne

Pimple is not just an external problem. This inflammation of the skin, and not only its upper layers, is sometimes affected by internal ones. Also in educationpimpleand it is time to play the last role, the hair follicle is affected ... Such a complex mechanism is easy to destroy. And if you "win"pimple- not scary, then fight with your own body is not the best idea. Having releasedpimple, you make a micro hole in the skin. And through it can get any harmful infections, you literally open them easy access. If the infection gets into the squeeze woundpimplea (and this wound is formed in any case), the consequences can be the most sad. Thus, there is even a risk of getting blood poisoning. A particularly dangerous area is the nasolabial triangle - there are many vessels directly connected to the brain. It seems to sound extremely improbable, but a theoretical possibility is already a risk. With a very unfavorable set of circumstances, you risk even earning in this way meningitis and encephalitis.Another trouble waiting for lovers to squeeze acne is the risk of increasing their number. Contentpimpleand gets on your skin, gets into it through skin. And now the infection that causedpimple, inside again. So, you can wait for new inflammations - and, perhaps, not in the singular. Squeezing outpimple, you can not provide the conditions of complete sterility. And the infection is on your hands. You create a wound, and right there with your own hands, transfer the infection there. Then, perhaps with all the same hands, you touch your face in another place (at the same time transferring there pieces of contentpimplea), and again provide yourself with new inflammations. Another risk is severe mechanical damage to the skin. Sometimes extrudedpimpleand remain in the form of scars, and they can be reduced only by laser. And sometimes afterpimplebut a stain remains that does not disappear for a long time.

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