Why not turn to psychics? We ask psychologists

Honestly, I did not think that this problem reached such a huge scale, until I had an awfully interesting incident with me. Literally. A few years ago, by some accident, I came to the hands of a certain organization, which required journalists for very decent money. I called. Agreed on an interview. I climbed the floor I needed, a faceless door was opened in front of me. I hear loud cries of employees. It became uncomfortable. In general, it turned out that this is an underground office that promotes magicians, sorcerers, psychics, healers, and all kinds of folk healers. I never met a stranger environment.

Two weeks after this incident, I went to work at NTV, in the morning news of the economy. And one day in an interview with a State Duma deputy, we started talking about the dominance of psychics on modern TV. I told him my story.And a month later, a bill was drafted to limit the advertising of psychics, fortune-tellers, healers, and healers in the media. Official statistics are frightening today. In a year in Russia up to a million people suffer from all kinds of magicians. They give the fraudsters all their savings, copy them to the apartment. In the risk zone - single people and pensioners. To protect those who are thinking about going to such a “specialist”, I will talk about their methods of work.

Why not turn to psychics? We ask psychologists

The task of such people is to win over the client, to enter into trust in it. At the first session, they allegedly guess some facts from a person’s biography. But, as a rule, these are very vague phrases that can be applied to everyone. Sometimes a person himself tells everything to a psychic without noticing it. After the client's trust is won, all sorts of rituals begin. Which cost money. But without them, nowhere. At the same time, the client is intimidated by the psychic: they say, something terrible can happen if you do not do such-and-such. The client feels that there is no turning back and no one, except a psychic, will solve his problem. And then caught in the network of deception is ready to give the last.

Well, for believing people it is generally a separate story.The church is categorically opposed to any contact with the magicians. Explaining this with the fact that the “gift” that such people possess is not from God. And if you come into contact with them, you will cause irreparable harm to your soul.

In general, be careful and do not go in the wake of the charlatans. And now your questions: 

Olga, 23 years, Moscow

I have no luck in my personal life. The young people I met disappeared without explanation. At some point, they simply stopped responding to phone calls, and that was that. In general, I went to a psychic. And she said that I have a crown of celibacy and I need to urgently remove it. Otherwise, I may die. As a result, in a few months, my mother and I attributed the psychic about 150 thousand rubles. Mom even had to sell a fur coat. Then we realized that all these sessions - divorcing us for money. But this woman threatens us that if we do not pay her another 90,000 for her work, she will curse me on the seventh knee. I'm confused and very frightened. Already a month I do not go to university. I work to pay this psychic. I feel like I fell under the influence of this man. And I'm afraid of her.

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