Why is it useful to solve crosswords?

Solving crossword puzzles is not only a pleasant and exciting, but also a very useful pastime. Learn how exactly such an occupation affects a person.

What are crosswords, what are they?

A crossword puzzle is a puzzle, suggesting the unraveling of intersecting words. The name from the English language, by the way, is translated exactly as “intersection of words”.

There are several types of crosswords:

  • The classic consists of lines, which, in turn, include cells. Words fit horizontally and vertically, and the tasks are written separately.
  • Skanvordy - this is one of the most beloved by many varieties. The puzzle is a grid of empty cells for words, as well as cells with short tasks.
  • Chainward looks like a system of cells arranged in squares and arranged so that each last letter of the previous word is the beginning of the next.
  • Philward is an entire field filled with letters.Among them, you need to find words that can be arranged along broken lines. But at the same time one letter is used only once in one word.
  • Japanese crossword puzzles do not have words, but encode images, which are composed taking into account the number of hints corresponding to the filled cells, as well as empty passes between them.
  • In a keyword, or, as it is called otherwise, the keyword needs to enter letters corresponding to certain numbers. Some pairs have already been given, while others will have to be determined in the process of solving.
  • Divord or dual looks like a grid of cells, but each has two letters, but you need to choose only one by one, forming words.
  • American or so-called criss cross is a grid, next to which words are indicated. They need to fit in the cells.
  • In the Estonian crossword, words are separated in the grid not by blocks or empty cells, but by thickening the sides of the cells. As a result, the puzzle looks very dense and has no voids.

How to choose crosswords, so that they are interesting and, importantly, useful? First, consider your level of preparation. So, if the crossword puzzle is too simple for you, then you will simply be uninteresting to solve it, so it will not be useful.And solving an overly complex will not take pleasure and make you nervous because of the lack of necessary knowledge.

Secondly, take into account your goals. If you want to increase vocabulary, select the classic crossword. If your main goal is the development of logic, then Japanese varieties will suit you. Scanward contributes to the training of memory and improve ingenuity. And keywords and movies help to increase concentration of attention.

Thirdly, consider the peculiarities of your thinking and personal preferences. For example, one is easier to orientate in the grid of a classic crossword, while others prefer short hints and capacious definitions given in the scanword.

The use of crosswords

What is useful crosswords?

  1. Expansion of vocabulary. In the process of guessing, you can learn new words, as well as their interpretation, and this is very useful for development, as well as broadens the mind and increases the knowledge base. This pastime will make you an educated and interesting conversationalist.
  2. Solving crosswords is very useful for brain activity and greatly improves mental abilities.Classes allow you to use parts of the brain, whose activities are reduced when performing routine tasks. As a result, the volume of healthy functioning brain cells increases, and the functioning of the organ improves. In addition, scientists have proven that if you do crossword puzzles regularly, you can reduce the risks of developing such diseases and conditions as senile dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  3. Crosswords are useful and come in handy during the training. Such an original form of presentation of material is used by some modern teachers of schools and teachers of universities. First, it allows you to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere, as well as to establish contact with students. Secondly, the material is much easier to assimilate, since several types of memory are involved at once. Thirdly, a competitive spirit arises, which serves as an excellent motivation and forces you to use already learned information.
  4. With the help of some types of crosswords, you can improve memory, train logical thinking, as well as increase concentration. All this can be useful in life, for example, when training or performing professional tasks.
  5. Such a pastime is much more useful and more productive than watching TV.
  6. Solving a crossword puzzle is a great and effective way to get rid of stress or escape from bad thoughts.

How to solve with benefit?

Scientists have proven that by devoting only 10-25 minutes a day to solving crossword puzzles, you can significantly improve your intellectual abilities. And even if there is not much free time, everyone will be able to find such a small amount of it. For example, you can solve crossword puzzles while traveling on public transport, at lunchtime, or while waiting in line.

Important: occupation, above all, should be fun, so if it makes you nervous, then try to master a different kind of crossword or reduce the level of complexity.

Tip: do not start deciphering in an excited or tired state, you can not concentrate.

If you have not tried to do crossword puzzles yet, then be sure to start training your brain in such an interesting and enjoyable way.

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