Why health is not only available to the rich

Does this mean that a healthy lifestyle is really the lot of the chosen ones? Of course not. Many people wear green lettuce in a container from home for lunch, do yoga at home from video tutorials, and know a thousand free life hacks how to reduce stress with health benefits. However, the certainty that health is available only to the very rich illustrates one interesting tendency - the desire to follow obsolete habits at all costs.

Such people are easy to recognize. First, they never throw anything out. Suddenly useful jacket from the 70s? Or would a grandmother's faded chintz dress with three holes in a prominent place once become a priceless vintage? Secondly, such people strive for a “stable” life. Stability is when one day is like another, when there is an apartment in a mortgage in a residential area and a dacha a few kilometers from the city, when money is invested exclusively in the repair of this apartment or the construction of extensions to a dacha.Risky activities such as a loan to study abroad or attempts to drastically change the scope of activity at thirty-five years are severely reproached. It is these people who hold on to the old habits of lifestyle, hold steadfastly and selflessly.

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If they get an appointment with a doctor, the conversation is always based on the principle: “Yes, but ...”

- You need to revise your diet. Try to keep a food diary and analyze: perhaps you overeat when you are covered by negative emotions. Or eat too much in front of the TV, because you like an interesting movie.

- Yes, but I eat almost nothing like that, doctor! And the weight of 120 kilograms - well, everything in our family is large.

- You need to do something with physical activity, you move very little. If you start going on the road to work three stops earlier and walking on foot, your stamina will increase, you will reduce the risks of a second stroke.

- Yes, but I have to get up 15 minutes earlier! And this is simply impossible!

And so on and so forth, and there is no end to these "acquittal" dialogues.

Why are some so stubbornly holding on to old habits? It is probably due to the trauma of generations - alas, our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and parents are traumatized by the eventswhich took place in Russia over the past centuries and not in the best way reflected on its economy.

That is why almost any “grandmother's” Khrushchev mezzanine is found - an amazing, if you think about it, construction that helped the older generation not to throw out absolutely nothing, whether it was half-deciduous skates of the 50s or a box with sawdust in case a hamster appeared. Of course, none of these things were used later. Mezzanines performed the function much more important than storage - they helped to reduce the level of anxiety. Because in Russia very few lived and live with confidence in the future - too much hunger, wars, large and small economic disasters fell out for several generations in a row.

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Just like the habit of saving trash, following old habits helps reduce anxiety. At the same time, any new event, even a positive one, greatly increases anxiety. The “Anthill” cake made from cookies, condensed milk, butter and god knows what else is a reliable friend for the evening watching a movie, while some fruits as breakfast are somehow suspicious.To drink beer on Friday and fight with someone in the bar - what could be more logical for a young man? But to rent a bicycle and ride on deserted streets on a warm summer night - it's scary.

The problem is that, along with a stubborn desire for a "stable" life, negative changes in the brain are occurring. Enriched environment, that is, any new scenery, whether it's a small trip to a nearby city for a weekend or visiting an exhibition of a little-known artist, is one of the factors that stimulates the growth of neural connections and even new neurons. The second factor that can cause nerve cells to appear in the brain of an adult is regular physical activity. Learning new skills expands associative connections in the brain. That is why the occupation of one case often has a positive impact on some other areas of activity. For example, drawing with watercolor suddenly leads to a brilliant idea of ​​implementing an important project at work.

A new experience forces the brain to develop, while persistent adherence to old habits - from day to day, from month to month - leads to gradual degradation.And the longer a person gets stuck in a swamp of monotony, the harder he gets out of there

Low income limits opportunities for self-development and healthy lifestyle. This is a frequent argument that we hear from the defenders of the life strategy "And in our swamp it is warm, quiet and the flies barely bite." Sad oatmeal becomes definitely tastier if you add a little hazelnut and cashew, chia seeds, a spoonful of coconut oil or half a glass of almond milk. Alas, this at times increases the cost of a healthy breakfast. While developing a balanced diet for every day of the available vegetables such as carrots, onions, potatoes and zucchini is still difficult.

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However, this does not mean that people with low incomes are doomed to hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, dementia and other “lifestyle diseases”. Sometimes even small steps towards a healthy lifestyle gradually change a person for the better. Interest in the new - an important option of the brain, which is useful to consciously cultivate.

I was always curious about the reason for the frenetic popularity of interviews with the wives of football players and deputies who talk about the secrets of their beauty.After all, this is, in fact, a rather boring group of women who can tell something curious except about seducing men, but not about building their own business empire or getting a third higher education on maternity leave. Yes, and the stories of these women are pretty monotonous: they certainly report some kind of strange diet that turned their whole lives upside down. Usually they mention the support of a guru, whose consultations cost a lot of money, as well as detox clinics in Switzerland, the help of an elite nutritionist who saved Angelina Jolie herself from obesity, and a complex method of preparing healthy dishes for which a whole staff of specially trained staff. By the end of such a confession, it becomes clear to the reader that the interviewee is a special, amazing, unique person who, with the help of her husband’s billions, has managed to make his life as difficult as possible with numerous and often completely meaningless rituals in praise of a healthy lifestyle. It would seem that there is interesting?

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And yet, each of the stories of modern Cinderers illustrates the non-indifference to life, genuine interest in everything new.For example, Natalia Davydova, "blogger and wife of an oligarch," talks about his amazing transformation from a fused matron into a muscular fitness model. And in confusing texts about the benefits of sauerkraut in every meal and the need to permanently abandon gluten reads much more important: errors in the path of a healthy lifestyle - not so important. It’s more important to just start doing something new. For example, to introduce a small good habit, like a ten-minute meditation before bedtime. There are fewer refined products. Giving the body the daily joy of movement.

We read with interest the interviews of famous instagram-divas, because their healthy curiosity about everything new inspires. It is not necessary to sit on a strict gluten-free diet or choke marinated cucumbers in every meal, as does the "blogger and wife of the oligarch." And yet the pleasure of constantly trying something new, learning something and becoming a little better is a good habit that can be borrowed from the stars.

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