Why do women live longer than men?

The main function of a woman is the birth and upbringing of one or more children. A man in this process is needed only as a "donor". There are several reasons why women live longer than men.
Biological factor (or genetics). Already in the womb, male fetuses more often die. Sometimes a woman does not even know about the onset of pregnancy. Also at the age of one year, the male mortality rate is much higher.
Hormonal background. The male hormone (testosterone) causes aggressive behavior, which very often leads to fatal accidents. The female hormone helps to reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, thereby increasing vitality and, consequently, prolonged life.
Health care. A woman is more attentive to her health, since it is important for her to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. In the future, women are more often visited by specialists for routine inspection. Men go to the hospital only in extreme cases when the disease has already manifested itself.
Emotionality The most common hypothesis about high life expectancy is the emotionality of women, who at every opportunity throw out all the negative emotions. Men, as a rule, are accustomed to act with restraint in all situations, without showing weakness or tears. Hence, various diseases (ulcers, disorders of the digestive tract, hypertension).
Bad habits. They have a direct value on the level and duration of life. The most common are smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction - they are most inherent in the male sex. Hence, inflammation of the respiratory tract, liver, cancer, etc.
Caution and responsibility.

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