Why not keep a man if he wants to leave

By your struggle for a man, you simply nurture his ego, increase its importance, and at the same time turn into a desperate female being, begging for his love. In addition to neglect, such a female role does not cause anything for a man. And love is not exactly return

But what if there are children? How not to fight ?! You can try, but the final is predictable. And think: do children really need such an example? Perhaps, it is better to discuss the further ways of interaction, while preserving one's own dignity, than showing the children begging and humiliated to the children?

Another situation is when a man leaves, saying: “I need freedom / I haven’t walked up / I’m not ready for a relationship yet” - this means only one thing: he needs freedom from you, and he is not ready for a relationship with you specifically. As a rule, if he has a feeling that he has found his woman, such excuses disappear by themselves.Specifically, in this case, attempts to keep a man will not lead to the desired result.

Humble yourself that you are a transit point for him and he will build his life on the other. This situation must be accepted with dignity. It's just not your man. If the scheme "met - lived together - went to another" became habitual, that is, a reason to turn to a psychologist

You either choose categorically the wrong men, or in the process of the relationship itself, make mistakes that lead you again and again to be abandoned. ”

Why not keep a man if he wants to leave

In general, with a sick relationship in any case need to finish. If during parting "blows the roof" - it is not always love. More often just an emotional addiction. Disease. Identification only with a partner and nothing else. And without the help of a specialist it is difficult to cope. If at parting the light came together and did not want to live, run to a psychologist. Often happens: beats, drinks, walks, but I still will not let go. Because my, has grown, I can not imagine another life. This is not love. All because they "hooked" on the sick relationship as a needle. And why? Because at some point crossed the line, which is dangerous to cross.Dreams, big plans thrown on the far shelf. Relationships have supplanted everything. About yourself as a person with your ideas forgotten. His desires are your desires. That fell into the trap. This is what I mean ... Besides, one should not be afraid of parting with someone who does not appreciate you, does not like, does not respect. From emotional addiction can be cured. It will be hard only for the first time. But you need to constantly remind yourself that it will not always be so, it will pass, everything will change.

How to let a man go and end a sick relationship? Psychological advice boils down to one thing: the most important thing to do is to make a decision. Final and irrevocable. Alas, this is the most difficult. Next - SURVIVE the situation. Give yourself time to "cry out," but do not over-tighten with it. If you keep everything to yourself, or, conversely, fight for weeks in sobs, you can fall into a deep depression. After a few days of seclusion, you need to switch. To work. For a trip. That which always brought you joy. Every month will be easier. Periodically, breakdowns and tantrums can occur, but the farther they are, the fewer they will be. The most difficult is to survive the first six months after the break.Then the so-called breaking passes. You will feel like a full-fledged independent person. And this will be a great start to your new life.

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