Why do not we give knives for the holidays?

There are a lot of very different superstitions. And some of them are related to gifts. There are things that can not be given to anyone and under what conditions. These include the knife. And why can't it be given? And what to do if he was still presented?

Why not give knives?

Why it is impossible to give knives for the holidays? There are several explanations. All of them can be divided into two large groups: logical and connected with beliefs.

Gift for a collector

Turn on logic

If you think logically, you can understand that the only reason for not giving knives is not the danger of such items. Indeed, if you give a piercing-cutting object, then it can be potentially dangerous. Firstly, children can find it and, having shown curiosity, having unpacked a gift and having started to play with it, be hurt. Secondly, adults can take a knife.

Much is known about the killings during the festivities. Alcohol, as you know, stirs the nervous system and often leads to disagreements, quarrels and disputes.And if during the trials someone decides to prove their case and grabs the knife, then the troubles will not pass. Thirdly, no one is immune from ridiculous accidents. The knife can just fall off the table, for example, on the foot.


Do not upset the hero of the day

There are a variety of signs associated with the ban on presenting knives as a gift:

  • Once upon a time knives were made only individually. That is, the master was initially tuned to a potential owner and made the knife such that it fits. Then the item accumulated the owner's energy. And it was believed that if you give a knife to someone else, then he can take offense at the former owner and begin to poison the life of the current owner, trying to return to the one for whom it was intended.
  • It is also believed that pointed objects attract all evil forces and poor energy. So a knife presented to someone can cause unhappiness, quarrels, discord and controversy. For example, a knife, presented to the wedding of the newlyweds, can lead to misunderstanding and even disorder. This is due to the fact that the knife can accidentally (or deliberately, by the will of the person who gave this item) cut an invisible thread that connects two loving hearts.
  • Since ancient times knives were weapons, that is, they were made for fighting, wars and battles.Thus, initially in such a subject the spirit of war was instilled, which could awaken at any moment. Therefore, if a person has an evil heart, then this spirit can immediately become more active and begin to make a person harm only by kindling his anger.
  • If you list the superstitions associated with such an object as a knife, then it is impossible not to mention the fact that it often became the main subject for various rituals and witchcraft rituals. For example, many people used knives to sacrifice animals and even humans. Needles and knives were stuck in the doors of the owners of the house, who wanted evil or death. In addition, this item was used to power the evil spirits. In general, nothing good with a knife has never been connected.
  • This gift can even harm what it presents. The fact is that evil (even unintentional) may return. And if you decide to give a knife to a superstitious person, then he will certainly suspect that something is wrong and think that you want to harm him. As a result, he will be wary or even negative about you, and this is at best. In the worst case, the person who received the knife from you will want to take revenge on you or harm you in return.And such revenge can be extremely unpleasant.

Maybe you can still?

Many people do not believe in omens, and they probably do the right thing. In each gift, the giver lays a certain energy. That is, if you buy a knife, thinking about who it is intended for, and present it with the best of intentions and intentions, then do not do anything terrible.

In addition, in order to minimize the likelihood of negative impact, you can contact the master and ask him to make a knife for the hero of the occasion individually. And if you make an engraving on the blade with the best wishes, then such a gift will definitely not cause harm.

Think before you give

You can turn to the culture of other countries, in some of them the knife was a completely normal and even desirable gift. For example, in the east, such an object was considered a symbol of reverence and respect, therefore, it was often presented to rulers, aristocrats, or people in high ranks. In the Caucasus, a beautifully decorated blade was presented to people older in age or position in society.

In Finland, knives are still given to business partners. And such a gift in this country is a symbol of the birth of friendship and trust.Many simple employees give their bosses original and interesting Finns, believing that they will be promoted in this way. And some really do. But they are especially positive about knives in Japan.

The Japanese believe that the donated knife will certainly bring happiness, as it will literally cut through all the adversities and problems. By the way, the tradition to make such gifts was once among the Slavic peoples. The Slavs gave sabers, blades and daggers to kings, commanders, commanders and atamans to protect their people.

What if I got a knife as a gift?

What to do if you donate a knife? There are several options:

  • If you were given such a gift for a birthday or some other holiday, then it will be wrong to refuse the present. You will not be understood and considered an extremely impolite person. Although, of course, if you tell about signs and about your faith in them, then the donor will probably be indulgent and will not be offended. But it is better to do otherwise. Just give the one who gave you the gift, a coin. It turns out that you did not receive a knife as a gift, but purchased it. And in this case, all the signs will be inappropriate.
  • Another option is to forget about signs.If you constantly think about them, then surely you will “strike trouble.” And even if it is not connected in any way with the received gift, you will still write everything down to it. In addition, if you are constantly afraid of what may happen, you risk bringing yourself to stress or a nervous breakdown, and stress, as you know, can lead to health problems. So chase away all bad thoughts and think only of good. You'll see, a positive attitude will help you avoid trouble!
  • If you believe in God, wash the knife in holy water and read a prayer over it.

To give a knife or not is up to you.

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