Why are my ears itchy?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 7, 2013
Why are my ears itchy?

It was combed ear. So what? Such a reaction to the fact that an itch appeared in the ear will be in the majority. But is it right? And why are your ears itchy? It seems that these are questions that are not worth attention, but this is not quite so.

Causes of itching

Various reasons lead to itching in the ear. For example, water has accumulated in the ear or accumulation of sulfur in it, and an ear tick may settle. In order to eliminate the discomfort, you need to find out the exact cause of this phenomenon.

If there is a lot of sulfur in the ear canal, then you can get rid of it using a cotton swab. When cleaning your ear, be careful not to touch the eardrum. If you have not seen sulfur on a stick, then maybe you have an ear plug. Because of her, it can also itch in the ear. After rinsing the ear canal with an enema and warm water, you will see the result.

The day before you took water procedures and your ear began to itch. This may be due to the fact that it got water. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide will help you with these unpleasant sensations.Lie on your side for a bit and then put some camphor oil in your ear.

Consult a doctor

It may be that in addition to the itch, you still have pain in the ear. Then it can be a signal that an inflammatory process is occurring. Drops that contain an antibiotic can help you in this case. But before you use them, you must consult with your doctor.

It happens that the itch does not pass a long time. This is also a reason to visit Laura, tell him all the symptoms that appear. He, having examined you carefully, taking brackets, will say why it itches inside the ear. A few days later, after the test result is ready, he will prescribe a treatment for you.

A banal desire to sleep can also cause itching in the ear. Follow your young children; they, when they want to sleep, scratch their ears.

More serious causes can cause itching: allergies, drying out of the skin, external irritants, as well as diabetes and trophic changes. If you feel not only itching, but there is a feeling that something is climbing there, then the doctor needs to find out why it itches in the ear.The cause may be parasites that are transported from animals.

In the people there is a lot to take about the fact that itching ear. Maybe these signs will seem quite ridiculous and ridiculous to you, but people have collected them for centuries. You should not completely discard them, maybe there is some truth in them.

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