Why all the time to do - bad?

When her husband came, she rushed to his neck, and he suddenly pulled out a designer bouquet from behind and handed her, and the child came running to greet his father in English, and also to show another masterpiece with an ideal composition and a unique color sense ... Overall, reading this text, full of admiration for your own time management skills, is very difficult if you do not have great humility and remarkable compassion for a heavy share of a blogger.

It turns out that there are some special people who are born with an ideal hairstyle, an untwisted instagram profile and secret knowledge of how to keep things together. They can be at the same time happy wives and mothers, experts of a healthy lifestyle and “ambassadors of gluten-free nutrition”, beautiful women and highly demanded by all employers with specialists. And there are the rest, mere mortals. They do not have time, but their sense of guilt in front of themselves and those around them the size of a house. Poor people dream of comprehending the secret of "happy wives and mothers", but in vain.

We were told that it's quite possible to manage everything and remain a happy person. And who does not have time, he just visited not enough trainings of personal growth.

But it is an illusion. Because everything has time - bad.

The more cases, the worse the awareness

Neurophysiologist Alexei Ukhtomsky formulated in the last century a hypothesis, which is still considered one of the foundations of brain work. This is the dominant principle. Its essence lies in the fact that a stable area of ​​excitation is formed in the brain in response to an external influence, provided that the brain considers the effect significant. It can be a negative or positive impression, an important thing that needs to be done, an unrealized dream. All of the above causes the excitation of nerve cells and subordinates the work of the psyche to such an extent that any new stimulus begins to be unconsciously viewed by a person “from the bell tower” of unfulfilled desire. This is what psychologists call the “unclosed gestalt”, when a quarrel with the first lover makes the girl overly wary of other men and prevents her from adjusting her personal life.This is the unfulfilled dream of a woman to become a ballerina, which makes the offended girl inside her head call the fat women all around.

Why all the time to do - bad?

When there are too many cases and responsibilities, it becomes difficult to track the work of one’s own psyche, the “autopilot mode” is activated. As a result, a person starts doing strange things, forgetting important things, destroying himself and relationships with loved ones. The bottom line: anxiety is growing like a snowball, it becomes impossible to focus on one thing, negative emotions are overwhelming. And most importantly, it is completely unclear where it came from. Sometimes it is possible to unravel a tangle of causes and effects only with the participation of a specialist.

No matter how loaded we are, dominants form in the brain, and this is normal. It should be very hungry - and every thought is accompanied by a desire to eat. It is necessary to quarrel with a loved one - and the remaining problems seem to recede into the background, the most important thing is to restore good relations. But it is more difficult for an overworked person to live through emotions about flashing events too quickly and to realize that he is concerned at the moment.From the assistant and the director of the dominant excitation in the brain suddenly turns into an evil genius, forms an unhealthy obsession. The result may be chronic fatigue, depression and other illnesses.

The more cases, the less attention

The abundance of things, events, impressions in life is one thing in common: they all make attention scattered. The psyche of each person has its own characteristics. For example, a mobile type of nervous system allows you to safely transfer daily communication with dozens of people and seamlessly change one activity to another. But people with an inert psyche more difficult to switch and maintain "conversations about the weather" with numerous strangers. The first is easier to maintain a sufficient level of attention with an endless change of scenery - so their brain is arranged. And the second is especially careful to regulate the number of meetings, affairs, duties and entertainment during the day. Otherwise, it is likely to get insomnia, and even anxiety disorder.

Need for stimulants

If you analyze the image of a successful person who persistently broadcast in gloss and social networks, you can see one detail.This is a cup of coffee in hand. Morning has become for many a synonym for another dose of caffeine. Even if the drink will be trashy - an abundance of sugar and cream, as well as a nice atmosphere in a coffee shop and a big muffin in the appendage will always help to correct the situation.

Why all the time to do - bad?

People who manage to remake a lot of cases in a day often feel exhausted and unhappy by the evening. In the course are good mood stimulants. They help spur neurotransmitter brain metabolism and, if they do not cause a surge of strength, then at least give a little energy to get to the bed and fall into it, in parallel with the series.

For some, the stimulant becomes a sweet and fatty food. Others consoled by alcohol. Still others prefer to combine the above with cigarettes. A separate category of "successful people" - those who manic follow the precepts of a healthy lifestyle. They are easily recognizable by the strange glitter in their eyes, with which they enter the gym at twelve nights, immediately after numerous meetings, reports and victorious selfies in social networks. They hardly give themselves time for sleeping, cheerfully informing their loved ones that they plan to sleep right afterhow to die in a happy old age; low percentage of fat and beautiful muscles are combined with unhealthy complexion and suspiciously euphoric behavior, which suddenly turns into bouts of despondency or rage. This is an example of how a good and useful undertaking can turn into an obsession, a sort of whip for the brain, which spurs the psyche and gradually leads a person to insanity.

Inability to prioritize

If you do not have time, it may mean that you have not fully matured and the prioritization is definitely not your strong point. How to be a happy wife and mother, a sought-after specialist and a beauty, a successful blogger and a brilliant intellectual? The correct answer here, unfortunately, is one: yes, nothing. Everything else is just an attempt by some people to convince the public that they have learned to stretch time to night in endlessness, to overcome natural human needs, such as rest and the need to leisurely dine in silence. In general, this is a shameless lie, which does not bring anything good either to the one who has lurked, or to the witnesses of the experiment on becoming a superman.

That is why prioritization is necessary. For some, it will be cleanliness in the house, especially if the laundering of all surfaces in the house or a leisurely analysis of the wardrobe helps to achieve emotional balance. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing a visit to an interesting lecture in order to fool around with a child or watch a new cartoon together. And sometimes, on the contrary, confidently say to yourself that a child is not the whole world yet and it’s time to get involved in work, creativity or something else interesting. There is no universal recipe for setting priorities. However, the fact that a calm and harmonious person can firmly say "no" to dubious projects, tedious people and cases that take too much energy and give nothing in return is an obvious fact.

Substitution of values

Sometimes the psyche of an overly busy person makes an amazing somersault, forcing him to believe in the importance and necessity of dubious values.
Visiting corporate events, the organizers of which press on the sensitive points of the human soul like artificial creation of a sense of community, involvement in the great cause and the uniqueness of each member of the team, makes the victim more and more asserted that there is nothing more important than working every day to increase sales.Why? What for? Unknown. But the feeling "I have to sell, even if my eye twitches, urinary incontinence progresses at the sight of the boss and is about to happen a stroke from overwork" begins to prevail over any reasonable arguments. And performing an endless to-do list helps not to think about the goals of this endless marathon for a second.

Why all the time to do - bad?

That is why some people have a short vacation in order to radically reconsider their value system, resolutely otstavat imposed and decide on insane, from the standpoint of others, actions. For example, to quit high-paying work, become a freelancer and move to live by the sea. Or adopt two orphans at once.

If vacation is not soon, you can simply reduce the pace of life. To neglect the preparation of a complex dinner in favor of a walk and a couple of pieces of pizza in the open air by the pond, for example. To be engaged in some absolutely useless, but bringing joy: to fold from paper simple figures-origami on video clips or draw trees with strange fruits in your diary

Perhaps fashion trends will soon take the opposite direction.And instead of the image of a prosperous and busy lady with a flawless appearance, something else will be replicated: imperfect women who can enjoy the moment and accept the imperfections of those around them. In the end, for the imaginary competition with the whole world in the speed of performing important tasks the prize will not be given. And the ability to alternate hedonistic idleness with really important things for you increases the chances of living an interesting life, albeit imperfect, but very happy.

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