Which mouse is better?

Wireless mice are perfect for desktop PCs and laptops. Less wires means more order on your desk. It is more convenient to wipe dust from it, more room for maneuvers. Also, if you sit on the other side of the table with the keyboard and mouse, you can not confuse the cables and do not break the contacts. In this article we want to tell you which mouse is better. Also, new models, which will be discussed in our review, have a variety of settings.

Best Wire Mouse

Logitech B110

The accuracy, functionality and convenience of this mouse allows you to work with both right and left hand. You simply plug the device into a USB port and you can get to work.

Logitech g400

Ergonomics, low friction and programmable buttons make this mouse completely comfortable.

Sven CS-302

The optical mouse allows you to work on various surfaces, on plastic and wood. Stylish ergonomic design is comfortable for the hand.

Best wireless mouse

Logitech Performance MX

The legacy wireless mouse of the best performance of the Marathon M705 can slide on different surfaces.The laser sensor of this mouse works even on surfaces such as clear glass.

Logitech Marathon M705

Now we talk about the ergonomic mouse. Not everyone loves her, but this model may attract your attention. First, it fits well with the hand, also slips well where the leather surface is, which can't be said about an ordinary mouse.

The gold standard of the M705 mouse is a scroll wheel that has two functions, the first one is step-by-step, the second one is endless, i.e. you can twist for a long time. If you want to switch from one mode to another, then you need to press a button a little above the wheel.

Microsoft Touch

Micrsoft Touch has functions that can minimize and maximize all windows with one gesture, as well as move the application left or right on the screen, for the convenience of multitasking.

Her appearance is beautiful: carbon body, good design. Due to the matte surface, it does not stick hand and it does not leave fingerprints. The only drawback of this mouse, its work only in Windows 7. But in general, it is worthy of attention. It can be assumed that this is the best mouse to work with this operating system.

Microsoft Explorer Touch

The Explorer Touch mouse has a rectangular touchpad that replaces the scroll wheel. Scrolling through the page, you can hear clicks, as in a normal scroll wheel.This is unusual, but the utility of the function is obvious, very good for horizontal scrolling.

This model combines smooth, smooth curves, which allow you to comfortably hold it in your hand. Having not matte, but a glossy surface, fingerprints remain on it, which makes frequent wiping of the mouse necessary.

Best gaming mouse

  • Razer Mamba 4G. New mice of the year are the most accurate in their work, more time is working offline and have various other settings.
  • Logitech G500. On these gaming mice you will find a sensitivity adjustment and a lot of buttons.
  • Razer Imperator 4G. There is a double sensor (laser and optical), great effect, if you often use different surfaces.

Having learned a lot from this article, you will no longer be wondering which wireless mice are better? Good luck with your choice.

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