Where to go in St. Petersburg with a child?

The sights of St. Petersburg, the city on the Neva, are amazing and beautiful. Every time, coming to this wonderful city, I want to visit your favorite museums, cathedrals, and fortresses. What if you took the kids with you? Where to go in St. Petersburg with a child? Hope for such excursions are not worth it. First, a quiet walk in such places will not work, the children will get tired, they will cry and ask for home. And secondly, why torture a child if there are a lot of interesting places for the whole family in St. Petersburg! And you yourself, for sure, have never been there.

Where to go in St. Petersburg with a child in the summer

Summer is a wonderful sunny time! Of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences, but there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment and recreation in the summer. Based on the characteristics of the children, we will pick up dull, fascinating entertainment.

Oceanarium, that's where you can go in St. Petersburg with a child! You will plunge into the secrets of the underwater world, you will see representatives of the aquatic environment, unusual for our country.The size of the aquarium is surprising, the tunnels are surrounded by giant aquariums, it creates a feeling of a real underwater world. At the upper level of the aquarium there is a huge hall with fish of fresh water in Russia, and after it you will enter the world of tropical forest. Then - the middle level, where you get acquainted with marine mammals, see them right next to you. And on the lower level you get to the rocky coast, coral reef and, finally, to the main aquarium. Plan ahead for the day on which you will visit the aquarium, as on all days except Monday, you are shown an exclusive show with sharks and seals! You can also contemplate an amazing performance at the dolphinariums of St. Petersburg. The presentation lasts 45 minutes, so it is better to visit the dolphinarium with children over 3 years old. Photography with artists is allowed.

Leningrad Zoo - a place where you must go to St. Petersburg with a child! The huge zoo in St. Petersburg is famous throughout the world, because it is famous for its history, culture and animals. You and your child will have the opportunity to visit the zoo, as a unique museum with the layout of the 19th century.The Leningrad Zoo contains 2500 specimens and approximately 500 species of animals from different parts of the world.

With a child in St. Petersburg, you can visit Peterhof, look at the huge variety of fountains. In Russia, no city of fountains can compare with it. And in Europe - only Versailles. Experienced tourists say that back to the city center you can make a wonderful water ride on a meteor.

On Krestovsky Island there is a wonderful amusement park where you can go with your child in St. Petersburg. A huge number of roundabouts for toddlers and older children. Adults will also find rides for themselves to experience dizzying impressions and adrenaline rush!

Where to go in St. Petersburg with a child in winter

In winter, it will be more difficult to find entertainment for children and adults, but there are options. For example, you can pre-book a rental cottage or a small house near the city. It will not be as expensive as it may seem at first, since there is a competition of many new recreation centers and cottage complexes. You don�t get bored with a child if you choose a place where various recreational activities are offered: skis, skates, a snowmobile, cheesecakes.Do not forget to take a camera with you, the memory of the beautiful snowy nature for the whole family will remain forever.

In St. Petersburg in the winter you can visit the exhibition, taking into account the wishes of the children. Of course, such recreation is not suitable for kids, and with a school-age child you can visit an exhibition dedicated to the latest computer technologies or a planetarium.

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