When you can start swimming in the river, lake and pond - people's signs and forecasts of the hydrometeorological center. In which month they begin to swim in Sochi, Crimea and in the Mediterranean resorts

KMNK-001A hundred years ago, people learned about when to start swimming in lakes, rivers and ponds, from the church calendar. He recommended to open the season of water treatments on the Spirits day, immediately after the celebration of the Trinity. But today, the priests themselves are telling parishioners to primarily focus on real weather conditions and the forecast of the weather center, and not on ancient traditions. Forecasters say that the summer of 2017 in Russia will begin with moderately warm weather, so not all regions will have time to warm up the reservoirs to a comfortable temperature by the beginning of June.Even in Crimea and Sochi, at the end of May and early June, the Black Sea will still be invigorating and tourists will have to wait for 15-20 numbers to enjoy plenty of warm sea water.

Is it possible to swim in Cyprus and Crete in May, in Spain, Greece and Tunisia - a detailed review of the water temperature off the coast of the resorts

In many countries located in warm Mediterranean climatic zones, the full-fledged beach season starts in May. The air at the beginning of the month warms up to quite comfortable indicators (+ 22 ... 23 ° C), and by the second or third decade the thermometer column often rises to the mark of + 28 ° C. Not far behind and sea water, washing the shores of the most popular resorts. And if in the first days of May only the most hardened tourists take the risk of swimming, by the end of the month ordinary tourists will also try to enter the sea waves.


Where you can swim in May - weather forecast for Cyprus, Crete, Greece, Spain and Tunisia

  • The warmest and most tender throughout the Mediterranean is considered to be water off the coast of Cyprus. By the middle of May, its temperature reaches + 21 ... 22 ° C, and at the end of the month thermometers record all + 24 ° C. Hardest of all the sea is warming in Paphos, Kyrenia and Ayia Napa.One or two degrees behind them Larnaca and Limassol.
  • Crete in May is already warm, but not yet hot. The average daily air temperature rarely exceeds + 24 ° C, but the water at the beginning of the month is not too happy (no more than + 18 ° C). The situation is only a little better in 20 numbers, so those who want to enjoy the beach procedures in full, therefore, should time their vacation in Crete by the end of May.
  • Spanish resorts can hardly be called suitable for a full-fledged beach holiday in May. The moderately warm sun simply does not have time to warm up the waves of the sea by the end of spring and the water temperature does not have to bathe for a long time. And if by the last days of the month you can still catch the sea at + 20 ° C near Malaga and Tenerife, in all other cities you should not even count on indicators above + 17 ... 18 ° C.
  • May weather in Greece is very pleasant and gentle. The average daily temperature is + 22 ... 26 ° C (depending on the region), and at night it does not fall below + 15 ... 17 ° C. But to indulge in sea baths still not working. The sea during this period rarely warms up above + 18 ... 19 ° C, so the majority of tourists are limited to acquiring a beautiful and practically safe tan, and for bathing impressions goes to aqua parks or pools at hotels and spa centers.
  • Tunisia in May is quite comfortable for recreation, however, it does not provide ideal conditions for swimming. The sea near the coast of the resort at the beginning of the month warms up to + 16 ... 17 ° C, and in the last days of May it reaches + 19 ° C. Short thunderstorms, characteristic of the middle and the end of the month, simply do not allow the water to warm up stronger and become more comfortable for holidaymakers.

When can you start to swim in the summer of 2017 in the lake, the river and the pond - weather forecasters and signs


Folk signs advise you to open the season of active bathing on Whit Monday. This holiday, according to the church calendar, immediately follows the Great Trinity and in 2017 falls on June 5th. However, even clergymen strongly recommend their parishioners not to take this information literally and be sure to take into account weather conditions and the actual temperature of the water in open water bodies.

A preliminary forecast by weather forecasters says that summer in Russia will begin with moderately warm weather and in most regions located from the Center to the northern borders of the state, the average daily temperature will not rise above + 18 ... 20 ° C. The water of lakes, rivers and ponds is expected to warm up to + 15 ... 16 ° C, and by the end of the month it will barely reach + 18 ° C.In the south, the situation will be better and the hot sunshine will make the reservoirs warm up to + 20 ° C by the middle of June. At the end of the month, temperatures will become even more optimistic, and from July to mid-August, without risking to freeze, even children can be in the water for a long time.

When can I start swimming in Sochi and the Crimea - what is the temperature of the summer water in the Black Sea


Officially, the holiday season on the Black Sea coast begins on May 1. In addition to the pleasant weather conditions, it is also connected with the series of May holidays, which Russians tend to spend in the warm southern cities. But if the air temperature in the last spring month is already quite happy with summer indicators, this cannot be said about water. During the winter, the Black Sea cools down very much, and it takes time and a lot to warm it up to comfortable levels.

At the coast of Sochi in early May, the water temperature fluctuates around the mark of + 15 ... 16 ° C. The regular short rains, which are very characteristic for the last spring month, do not contribute to the increase either. In the first days of June, the sea near the Sochi banks rarely warms up more than, to + 19 ° C, but by the middle these indicators are rapidly increasing to +21 ... 23 ° C, and by the end of the month sometimes reach + 25 ° C.Such a pleasant trend is maintained until the beginning of August and gives an opportunity for all visitors to swim as much as they like.

In Crimea, the situation is similar. May pleases with gentle warm air (+ 19 ... 23 ° C depending on the location of the resort), and the water temperature is about + 15 ... 16 ° C at the beginning and up to + 18 ... 20 ° C at the end of the month. Traditionally, the sea warms faster in Evpatoria, and the longer the water remains cold in the north-west of the peninsula. Comfortable for almost every tourist the Black Sea becomes only from the middle of June, when along the whole coast thermometers are fixed from + 22 ° C to + 24 ° C. In July and early August, these indicators are even higher and it is no longer possible to entice neither adults nor children out of the water.

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