When will include heating in Yaroslavl in 2015

The inclusion of heating in 2015 in Yaroslavl is scheduled for the last days of September, but the temperature outside the windows is high and the dates can be rescheduled. The laws of the Russian Federation stipulate that heating systems must supply heating to apartment, medical, educational and administrative buildings, as the street temperature in Yaroslavl drops and will not rise five days above 8 degrees Celsius.

Reconstruction of heating systems

Preparation of Yaroslavl for the winter season 2015-2016

Preparation for the heating season continues. As of September 5, the Frunzensky district was fully prepared. But until today, there are still 35 houses in the city with problems, as a rule, technical problems.

In the course of the planned work many defects were revealed, 16% more than in the same period over the previous seasons. Basically, all defects are eliminated, but today 12 more coolant defects are waiting for reconstruction.

Repair of heating mains

What determines the timing of the inclusion of heating?

A number of circumstances affect the date of heat connection in Yaroslavl, and the main ones are:

  • allocation by the administration of funds for the inclusion of heating systems;
  • timely preparation of all components of the heating system;
  • on-time repair and maintenance work.

In 2015, the city administration provided all the necessary material and technical means for repairing and maintaining heating networks.


Now 58% of consumer buildings have been prepared for the inclusion of heating. Repair and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

Where in Yaroslavl will give heat in the first place?

Like all previous seasons, in 2015, at first they will give warmth in socially significant institutions:

  • Government departments;
  • Medical institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, hospitals, clinics);
  • Primary and secondary education institutions (kindergartens, schools, boarding schools);
  • Social security institutions;
  • Military units of Vladivostok (414 separate special motorized battalion, 38th separate railway brigade, 90th Interspecific Regional Training Center RVSN, ZhVD, 65 testing ground of railway equipment);
  • Corrective labor institutions, insulators.

As soon as they are provided with heat, the season will start in residential buildings. Only after that the heating networks will begin their work in industrial buildings.

Waiting for the warmth in the houses

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