What you can wear white jeans, pants and shorts (13 photos)

White clothing, although it causes many to fear its impracticality, but still remains one of the most popular and beloved among the female and male population.

And this is not at all surprising, because the white color is pure classic, which easily combines with other styles and colors, allows you to create the most unusual ensembles and combinations, besides, white clothing always refines and refreshes its owner.

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Of course, in the rain and slush so much you do not apply, but now it's summer, which means it’s time to get the brightest and most daring things from your wardrobe, and the white pants and shorts do belong to them.

Many girls and women do not recognize the white color in jeans and shorts, because they believe that it visually fills and increases the volume. Yes, this is true, we will not hide, however, if the right approach to the choice of "white" wardrobe is right, then you can absolutely not worry and look at the same time just gorgeous.

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How to choose and wear white jeans?

Before you worry about what you can wear white jeans or shorts, you need to choose the very shape and material so that such capricious clothes look perfect on you. If you are not tall, then you will not fit shortened models of white pants, they visually shorten the legs, which further hinders the growth.

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Girls with small stature but slim figure fit jeans jeans or flared jeans, the latter should have a length that covers the heel, but will not drag along the floor.

It is important to note that girls of short stature, of course, are best paid to wedges and heels, which will ideally be combined with the above options, however, depending on the style and conditions, you can choose sneakers, ballet flats or sandals at low speed.

What can you wear white jeans

But on model looks of the same height, shortened models of trousers that look very harmonious with shoes at low speed - ballet shoes and oxfords, which are so popular this season, will look just perfect.

Owners of curvy shapes can also wear white pants or shorts, but flaws must be masked with an elongated jumper or tunic.So ladies need to choose jeans and pants from a rather dense material that stretches well; you should also pay attention to models with high or medium fit.

with what they wear white jeans photo

It is better to give preference to flared jeans or with a straight cut, but slim jeans must be removed from your wardrobe once and for all.

Girls of a fragile and harmonious physique may come up with a low-slung model, but it must be ensured that there is nothing superfluous behind, especially when you sit down. If you decide to opt for tight-fitting models, then you need to take care of the right underwear, preferably seamless, white or flesh-colored.

white color office style photo

As we have already said, white color, especially on trousers and shorts, is rather capricious, therefore you must include a can with a stain remover in your daily bag set to avoid unpleasant accidents and uncomfortable situations. But, believe me, all these inconveniences are worth it, because in such clothes any girl can feel feminine and refined.

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What are white pants and shorts?

The white color is truly royal, because it can be combined with almost anything, and you still get a gorgeous appearance! The most famous combination is white and black, one might say classic.If you decide on such a color scheme, then white pants will look perfect with a black jacket or black blouse, the image can be completed with black pumps.

White shorts are a great option for summer photos

In general, white pants also like a combination with white and black, for example, with a sailor shirt, such an outfit is now at the peak of popularity, especially if you are relaxing in a sea city. Instead of white trousers, white shorts are also suitable, which ideally emphasize bronze tan legs.

The entire ensemble is best supplemented with suitable accessories, such as starfish earrings or themed bracelets, a handbag.

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White color goes well with animal prints, especially feminine and, even slightly bold, short white shorts with a leopard blouse of a free cut look, and the image is better to complete with high heels or wedges.

Instead, shorts are perfect jeans slim or short models. The handbag in this case should be miniature, better clutch. White jeans are also perfectly combined with bright and saturated colors, for example, with colorful blouses or T-shirts, as well as with gold and silver shades, in the form of a jacket or the same T-shirts.

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If you decide to combine white jeans with pastel colors, then it will also be appropriate, however, in order not to merge, it is better to dilute the ensemble with bright accessories or a colorful handbag.

For those who believe that white shorts are suitable only for young girls, they are deeply mistaken. Mature women can pay attention to the length just above the knees, free cut.

By the way, such shorts can be an excellent basis for office style, they just need to be supplemented with the same jacket and bright blouse. This option is a great solution in the summer, when winter gray and black “business” colors are already so tired.

White shorts and, by the way, jeans, too, can be ideally combined with a leather jacket, nothing strange, the brutality of one thing will perfectly harmonize with the tenderness and grace of another thing. Under the bottom you can wear any T-shirt, and as shoes choose ankle boots or shoes with high, but stable heels. Another good combination is white shorts and a button-down shirt, it can even fit in a cage or in a bright flower.

we wear white breeches

As for the choice of shoes

Surely, many people had a question, and with what shoes is it better to wear white jeans and shorts? The answer is simple - with everything that appeals to you, and also blends with your image.

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A classic combination is white trousers and black shoes, but nobody forbids to resort to bright shoes - red, crimson or with print shoes, but such experiments can be done if all clothes have only a few colors, for example, black and white, or white and the color of the shoe.

In general, white jeans are versatile clothing that is easily combined with any shoe: high heel shoes, ballet flats, sandals, and sneakers.

What are white pants

The only thing they should not be combined with slaps and slates. Depending on what shoes will be selected, the whole image will look.

Of course, if you are going for a walk or a trip, it is better to choose comfortable shoes, and depending on this shirt and shorts, and for evening or disco, heels, in combination with white trousers or shorts, they are able to give your image of elegance and grace .

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