What work is carried out in November in the garden

The last month of autumn should begin with the collection of fallen leaves under fruit trees and shrubs. Dry leaves are used to shelter plants for the winter, and raw for composting. It also removes the carrion from pears, apples and plums.

Next, carry out whitewashing of trees to protect against pests and frost. Insulate the roots of non-winter-hardy plants with the help of leaves or dry peat.

With the onset of frost cover roses, clematis, rhododendrons, tree peonies and other flower bushes. In the middle of the month, cuttings of fruit trees for winter vaccination are cut and placed in beech storage in the basement or directly in the snow.

Tie a spruce fir trees and shrubs to protect against rodents. You can also use non-woven covering material.

In November, garden tools are repaired in advance and stored for storage until spring. If there are many holes in the garden of mice or voles, then poison baits are laid out near them.

Corms of flowers (gladioli, begonias) are placed for permanent storage in the refrigerator or any other place with a temperature not higher than +8 degrees.

After snowfall, it is additionally poured on low-resistant plants. The alpine hill and seedlings planted this year are especially carefully sprinkled. Around the adult fruit trees and berries, snow is trampled down - this will prevent the mice from getting close to the tasty bark.

As for berry crops, it is necessary to take care of their preparation for the winter. These plants bind, and if required, cover with material, dry leaves, and so on. Under all the berry and fruit crops sprinkle mulch, such as compost, humus or peat.

Also this month you can do the breeding of your plants. For example, honeysuckle in November is propagated by lignified cuttings. To do this, cut annual branches up to 25 cm in length and store them until spring in the cellar or basement, dug in the sand.

Bulbs of tulips, narcissus and hyacinths are planted for distillation. To do this, use only healthy specimens of the first selection. Also, flowers growing in open ground, pruned and covered for the winter.

These are the works that must be carried out on the garden plot in November.

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