What women are never lucky in love

On the topic of how to achieve success in the field of love, hundreds of books have been written, but there is still no universal means that you can “drink at night” and then wake up in harmonious and satisfactory relationships. But on the other hand, there are definitely people who seem to be looking for something serious and permanent, but in fact they are simply not ready for it - morally or physically (for example, it’s simply not enough time), on their own will or simply because of inability understand themselves. We decided to figure out which women are out of luck for love and for what reasons?

Women who absolutely want everything

Paradox, but this is true: as soon as everything starts to hunt for you, you have no desire to stop at one thing. First, because tomorrow someone else is guaranteed to appear. Secondly, bathing in public attention and admiration is so delaying that you do not want to “crawl out onto dry land” so quickly.And, finally, thirdly, because you are so damn fine that you must think again before you get involved with someone in a long-term romance novel.

What women are never lucky in love

Women who adore their loneliness and enjoy it

Try to make her believe that, on vacation, to walk with him by the hand along the embankment and have dinner at the same table in the restaurant - this is better than spinning two or even three passionate novels and experiencing as many emotions as if flying over whole year. Or to prove to her that preparing dinner for him and waiting from work is the best way to spend Friday, when in the city at this time the festival is behind the festival and the people are dancing outdoors until the morning.

Women whose priority career

Our society likes to load women to the maximum, so that between work and family they do not have time and breathe out. It is legitimate and logical that far from everything is ready to meet such overstated requirements and with an understandable desire to save their nerves and not lose all of their free time (we remind you that cleaning and choosing a gift for a holiday does not count as free time) prefer to stay at something one, more important in this particular case - for example, on one’s own material independence.

What women are never lucky in love

Women who can not decide

You can call them capricious, you can - too superficial, but they really have not decided for themselves exactly what they want to see their serious romantic adventure. This type of women usually likes to experiment with both short romances and friendships, but it comes out of those and others with slight chagrin and the thought that “something is wrong here.” In this case, there is no better recipe than to become a woman from the previous paragraph and give life a chance to give you tips.

Women tomboys

They believe that the way to a man’s heart does not lie through the stomach or any other parts of the body, but through football, joystick and water shots, and they also firmly believe that such a concept as “friendship between a man and a woman” exists in reality . The ladies know more about men than all the other groups listed above, and even more than some men themselves, which frightens the latter: with such a girl, they would rather drink beer after the match than go on a date.

What women are never lucky in love

Women who persecute men

Akin to the previous type is distinguished by what takes quantity, not quality (and in our time of dating applications one can afford this).They do not single out every single candidate against the background of the previous ones, relying on the fact that the most interested will manifest by itself. This type of the only one of the above "picked up" the man's logic of flirting - these women like to get acquainted on the Internet and in bars, often confuse names and do not particularly go into details about the biography of candidates.

Women who immediately begin to change everything in a man

This is the type that is used to exaggerating and hurrying in a relationship, not focusing on the person, but on the banal fact that it is a man "fit" for something serious.

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