What do women appreciate in men?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
April 11, 2012
What do women appreciate in men?

Each person has his own ideal of the opposite sex. Let's try to figure out what women appreciate in men.

  1. Love. Women like when they are loved, adored, idolized. More often show your lady of your heart how important she is to you, how you love and cherish her. Give gifts, make compliments. Just do not need flattery and insincerity - it is women who hate.
  2. Tenderness. Hug her: morning, afternoon, evening. Never allow in communication with a woman rudeness. Be gentle and affectionate. Although you should not go too far too much, otherwise “crush” with your love.
  3. Honesty. Cheating women hate the most. All secret, as a rule, becomes apparent. And if someday your lady will catch you in a lie, one hundred percent trust will never be.
  4. Sense of humor. Bores do not like anyone. Joke, smile, play. The main thing is to do without vulgar jokes, and then your authority will rise significantly.
  5. Reliability. Any woman wants to feel protected. She must be confident in you and your relationship.It is enough to be able to take care and everything will be ok.
  6. Fidelity. Treason, perhaps the worst that a man can do. Comments, I think, are unnecessary here.
  7. Confidence. Ladies like confident gentlemen.
  8. Self-esteem. Men-rags, which can easily be offended and humiliated, have never been in high esteem.
  9. Independence. When the relationship goes to the stage of living together, few women will like to constantly run after a man and collect his socks in different corners of the apartment, as well as constantly solve his problems. This kind of "mama's sons" obviously nobody will like.
  10. Restraint. Unrestrained man, screaming for any reason, is clearly far from ideal. Sometimes it's worth keeping your emotions in check.
  11. Willingness to take the initiative. Women love to run after them, and not vice versa.
  12. Optimistic. It is difficult to live with a man who constantly whines and complains about life. You need to look everywhere for positives and enjoy life. Then everyone will reach out to you, including the opposite sex.

Anyway, there are no perfect men. So, dear ladies, appreciate those who are close to you, do not chase the prince from a fairy tale!

And young people should take into account that women appreciate in men, and try to get rid of their shortcomings.

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