What wolves dream about

To dream of wolves does not always mean the coming danger. This dream has a lot of positive interpretations. We have collected for you the values ​​of dreams from the most authoritative dream books.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

What do wolves dream about?

For a woman, a meeting with a wolf foreshadows the long love of her husband. If there are many wolves, she is waiting for a quick wedding.

Fight with a wolf in a dream means constant struggle with its complexes. If you win, it is waiting for you and in reality.

What dreams wolf striker? Your relatives can take up arms against you. Change your behavior or get ready for a fight.

If in a dream you are defending yourself from a predator, it means that you will soon find yourself in the epicenter of a big scandal.

Female dream book

A wolf in a dream - a warning about the presence of an unreliable person among colleagues. He is able to commit an unseemly act and blame you in it. If you kill a wolf, you are guaranteed victory in a fight.

Dream Aesop

The wolf is a lonely beast. He has long been the enemy of man. Because of the huge number of proverbs mentioning this beast, its image is associated with enemies and troubles.

What can wolves hunting goatlings or lambs dream about? Do not wait for help from others, solve their problems on their own. It will bring success.

If a wolf in a dream does not manage to hunt, you should not agree with new tempting offers.

To dream of a wolf who crept into a stable and quenched his thirst from the trough there is a very bad sign. He talks about the presence of a hidden enemy in your surroundings. If you do not find it soon, you can lose a lot.

A wounded wolf says that someone needs your help. If you are caring for him, it means that in reality you will soon encounter a person whose negative attitude was a big mistake.

If the wolf howls in a dream, false accusations await you. Most likely, it will be associated with work.

Dream interpretation by Miller

Why dream of a wolf? At work in your environment there is a stupid talkative person, because of which competitors can learn important production secrets.

The slain wolf is a victory over difficult circumstances and insidious people.

Howling wolf - the imminent exposure of enemies and the disclosure of conspiracies.

Dream interpretation by D. Loff

The wolf most often speaks of solitude or character traits of a predator.

A wolf nearby is evidence that you have no friends.

Often a wolf can mean that someone is using you for personal purposes.

The wolf growls at you? You have hit or will soon fall into a stalemate.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

This dream book about the wolf says that he is a symbol of cruelty. But at the same time, the beast is a symbol of independence, love of freedom, and readiness to defend their convictions to the last drop of blood.

A wolf fighting a fox - soon a hidden enemy will manifest itself.

Black wolf - the appearance of a man who is not what it seems.

A wolf in sheep's clothing - meanness, betrayal. Blow from a loved one, invested with full confidence.

The wolf that eats from your hands is the enemy; he has been hiding for a long time, will finally show his face and will be rendered harmless.

The dream of a modern woman

A wolf in a dream means that they are plotting against you. Perhaps a major betrayal or theft.

If you tried to kill a wolf in a dream, get ready to fight the enemies. You already feel that someone from your surroundings is plotting intrigues against you. It remains to find him and neutralize.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

The wolf speaks of the presence of a hidden enemy.

The hunt for the wolf - you or your friends waiting for a major altercation.

You caught a wolf - get ready for a big battle.

Killed wolf - to serious trouble.

French dream book

Wolf - a warning. Soon you will meet a treacherous man.

Wolf bite - to disease and large losses.

Victory over the wolf - you will emerge the winner in the upcoming fight. A financial success awaits you.

Many wolves on the way - to long-term failures.

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