What to wear to work, what clothes to wear?

Working uniformHow to look stylish and elegant at work.

Working uniform



There are so many styles of clothing in the modern business world that it’s not so easy to choose the right suit. The site of useful tips will help to figure out in this matter how to look stylish and elegant at work.


How to solve this problem? Here is a simple rule: dress simply and tastefully. Of course, the main source of your confidence should be your professional abilities, and not the cut or quality of clothes. And yet it would be foolish to deny the value of clothing: if you dress with an eye for a certain position, the likelihood that you will get this position increases.


Remember the colors:

dark blue;ash gray;the black; ; white.


These are the primary colors of any business wardrobe. Of course, you can wear other, more flashy and bright. But in general, it is better if the basic wardrobe is designed in neutral colors, since it is easier for them to pick up additional items of clothing. It is more convenient than starting with bright colors and trying to find something suitable for them.For example, it is clear that a shirt, tie or a mango-colored scarf will work well for an ash-gray suit. If you buy a mango-colored suit, it will be much harder to find matching accessories.


Here are some recommendations for men and women.



If the company adopted a strict business style, choose a conservative outfit. A dark blue or ash gray woolen suit, a white shirt, black shoes, a black belt and a black leather briefcase are a good start.


For everyday work in a company that promotes informal style, and for informal events, you can choose a freer outfit. For example, khaki pants or skirt, white shirt, black or brown shoes, belt, briefcase.


Include in your wardrobe a few original items that match the overall style.


At first glance, this system may seem too rigid, and you do not have to blindly stick to it. But having created a basic wardrobe from high-quality clothes of neutral tones, you can always dress elegantly, modernly and attractively.


Stylish and elegant



Stylish and elegantOf all the representatives of the fashion industry, with whom I, Perin Cunningham, had to work, one far surpasses my colleagues.This person - now the owner of the company, selling clothes under catalogs, - has developed own system of selection of clothes, not connected with too big expenses. In his wardrobe there are two suits, a tweed sports jacket, several blue and white shirts, several black sweaters, a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki shirts, several shirts, several pairs of shoes, sneakers, a dozen ties and a tuxedo for special occasions .


This is how his system works. Usually he wears an ash-gray suit with a jacket fastened to two buttons, with a white shirt and tie or with a black sweater. He has two pairs of glasses: conservative in a metal frame and ultrafashionable in plastic. Sometimes he wears contact lenses. At informal events, he puts on a sports jacket made of herringbone, a white shirt or a black sweater and khaki trousers. For informal events, my friend prefers a white shirt (with rolled up sleeves) and sneakers. In addition, he has two very good quality belts - black and brown - and a pair of suspenders. Two or three times a year, he gets a tuxedo out of the closet.


This person is always elegant and neat, although the first minute you notice is not this at all, but his ease, wit and dignity. That's what it means to be well dressed!


What to do if clothes must comply with unwritten laws



Some companies and professions have created certain unwritten laws that dictate the style of clothing to their representatives. If you work, for example, in law, you should dress in the same formal way as your clients. If you are a computer genius, you can wear whatever you want.


Some companies require that all employees adhere to a certain style of clothing. Sometimes this is stipulated in the relevant official document, with which each newcomer is introduced to the personnel department of the company. However, most often these rules are informal, and then the newcomer has no choice but to look closely at the old-timers and draw conclusions. Special attention should be paid to your boss, to study his style - and create your own wardrobe in the same style. If, for example, your boss wears suits, buy a suit and you - or even two. Of course, your suit does not have to be an exact copy of the boss's suit, but the overall style must be maintained.


Do not try to dress better than your boss.If he is used to dress modestly, your outfit may seem defiant to him, you will not be able to look stylish and elegant at work.


A loose, or informal style of clothing gradually conquers the business world. However, care is needed here. Of course, free style allows you to abandon the strict business suit, but does not mean that you can come to work in a t-shirt, shorts and beach slippers (in any case, for most companies such an outfit is absolutely unacceptable). Loose clothing at work is not the same as free clothing at all.

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