What to wear for corporate?

Practically in all organizations it is customary to hold corporate evenings on various holidays. Such events are very important for employees as they enable them to express themselves not only in the workplace. Therefore, on the eve of holidays, a serious question arises: what to wear for corporate? As a rule, the choice of the right image and appropriate clothing puzzled not only women but also men. The main feature of corporate attire is that it should be low-key, but at the same time fashionable and spectacular. Few people, after a corporate party, want to restore the image of a business person. We offer you some valuable tips and advice on what to wear for corporate women and men.

Recommendations for women

Dress or suit

Undoubtedly, the modern choice and variety in the stores allow you to choose an excellent trouser suit, which effectively emphasizes all the charm of your figure. However, there is nothing more feminine and attractive than a dress.It is on it is worth stopping. An ordinary, classic black dress may be the ideal option for any corporate party. To make the image more mysterious or official - use interesting accessories, capes, boleros, scarves and jewelry. In addition, the dress will actually look in any restaurant, cafe, bar and at a solemn reception.


If your corporate is scheduled in an official place - be sure to take care of shoes with heels. The ideal option would be just shoes or sandals with a closed toe. You can adjust the heel height yourself, but remember that heels of at least 5 centimeters will look most advantageous. Of course, you can give preference to more comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats. But in this case, you will look less advantageous, since it is heels that give women's gait a special appeal and femininity.

Choice of accessories

  • If you prefer a dress with bare shoulders, take care of the presence of a shawl or a wide scarf. If the weather allows - put on a jacket or bolero.
  • An excellent decoration of any dress will be a handbag.It is better to give preference to small sizes, so that the phone, powder and napkins literally fit into it. Without the rest of the things you can somehow survive a couple of hours.
  • At corporate parties it is better to abandon a large number of jewelry, especially gold. Otherwise, you risk looking vulgar and fall into disgrace of the leadership.
  • You should know that long earrings will look stylish. If you add beads, you get a bust. But by themselves, large beautiful earrings, perfectly complement the image.
  • Bracelets should be put on well-groomed hands, as these accessories will greatly attract attention. If you do not have time to refresh peeling manicure - give up the jewelry on your hands.

In deciding what to wear to corporate, you should adhere to several basic rules:

  • you should not look more spectacular than the wife of the boss
  • it is necessary to refuse an everyday suit, otherwise it will be perceived as disrespect;
  • you need to take care of the hairstyle, manicure and make-up;
  • Be sure to pick an elegant unobtrusive perfume;
  • Do not forget about your behavior.

Recommendations for men

  • For a start it is worth noting that the standard set of jeans and shirts will be simply inappropriate. It is necessary to give preference to the costume.Such clothes are not comfortable for every man, therefore a more informal set of a jacket with trousers is allowed. If you really do not want to wear a tie, then replace it with a scarf. It will look very stylish.
  • If you are waiting for a standard official banquet - stop your choice on a black suit with a white shirt. It is very important to match the status of the event, otherwise you will have to wait for a very long promotion.
  • Pay attention to the little things. You should not wear blue socks under brown shoes. It will look sloppy.
  • If you have the opportunity, sew a suit to order. Besides the fact that he will ideally sit on the figure, this option will be the most comfortable and comfortable to wear.
  • Having time, go shopping and try on different styles of costumes. This will give you the opportunity to determine exactly your model.
  • Do not forget the main accessory - a breathtaking smile. No strict boss will resist her.
  • Unusual ties and cufflinks will help to give the image individuality. The choice in the stores is not particularly large, but it’s still worth trying to look.
  • Shoes are an important part of the look.They should be polished to a shine.
  • Use the perfume. Not caustic, but interesting smells will do.

Now you know what to put on a corporate man for a man to look irresistible in the eyes of colleagues and his superiors.

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