What to drip nose?

With the onset of the cold season, babies begin to develop various types of ARVI, which manifest themselves as a runny nose and cough. A large variety of pharmaceutical preparations from saline solutions to vasoconstrictor drops sometimes confuses young moms. As a rule, pharmacists in a pharmacy offer products that are more expensive, because their main goal is to increase sales, and not care about the health of the buyer. But we will consider the most suitable and inexpensive means that can be used for the treatment of a cold.

First signs of a cold

Before going to the pharmacy, consult your doctor, find out which drugs are best to use. The district pediatrician, having defined the reasons of the appeared cold, will prompt, than to drip a nose to the child and not to harm at the same time a mucous membrane of a nose. When a runny nose with a cough manifests itself in adults with children, the treatment must begin immediately, otherwise infection may occur.

Painful bacteria spreading through a room through sneezing or coughing can damage a weak baby’s body.Since cough and runny nose are the first symptoms of a cold, cough syrup and nasal drops are essential medicines in the home first-aid kit. With the approach of winter, they must be purchased and put there, to be ready for the first signs of illness. Otherwise, if nothing is done, the temperature will rise and the patient’s general condition will deteriorate.

Nasal drops

As mentioned earlier, the pharmacy will not always offer an effective drug in pursuit of high sales, so before you go to the pharmacy to look for drops for the nose, you need to decide what to put on your nose. There are two ways to find the appropriate drops: consult a doctor in the clinic or find the necessary information on the Internet. Since visiting the clinic is fraught with a waste of time waiting for their turn, people began to use the Internet to search for the necessary information. However, self-medication is not always useful, because you do not have a diploma of medical education and you can easily make a mistake with the diagnosis.

But if you still count on the help of the Internet,then on the Web you will find a large number of websites on medical topics, where even famous doctors publish tips on treating various diseases on their websites. Online consultation is gaining popularity, but qualified doctors don’t provide free advice even online, so a paid consultation about solving a problem with a cold is inappropriate. It is better not to be lazy and find the necessary information yourself, and then go to the pharmacy knowing the name of specific drops for the nose.

Before you start dripping vasoconstrictor drops, you must prepare your nose. To do this, rinse it and blow the accumulated mucus. You can rinse your nose with ready-made pharmaceutical preparations, such as “Salin”, “No-salt”, “Aqua Maris”, or you can use an ordinary saline solution. If your hand is nothing like that, you can prepare a weak and well-filtered chamomile solution or a weak solution of iodized salt. After rinsing the nose and removing the snot, vasoconstrictive drops should be instilled into each nostril, which should only be bought after consulting a doctor.

Folk remedies

In addition to a variety of pharmacy nasal drops,There are many recipes for traditional medicine. A feature of folk remedies is their availability and ease of manufacture. In addition, you can cook them yourself, without leaving home. The use of various natural remedies often gives a positive result, so some pediatricians advise starting the treatment of babies with popular recipes. And even if children are recommended folk methods, then they will not cause anything bad to an adult. In the same Internet you can find information that can be dripped into the nose for the treatment of rhinitis.

Vegetable juice

As a rule, all the ingredients for the preparation of traditional medicine is always available in the kitchen. Nature took care of human health and endowed the fruits of vegetable crops with healing properties. It turns out that beet juice is an effective bactericidal agent. The method of application is very simple: you must grate raw beets and wait until all the juice is drained. Before dripping nose beetroot, it is necessary to dilute the juice in half with water and add a little vinegar. It is necessary to dig in the received national preparation 3-4 times a day.It can be used for both children and adults. Children need to drip 4-5 drops at a time, and adults need a whole pipette.

Onions also have an effective effect on channels clogged with mucus. But in no case is not recommended its use in its pure form, as it will burn the nasal mucosa. To prevent this from happening, before dripping nose with onions, it is desirable to smear the internal cavities of the nose with petroleum jelly and dilute the onion juice with water. For children in the ratio of one to ten, and for adults it is enough to dilute the juice in half with water.

Vegetable oil

Effectively apply against the common cold various oils. But before you drip the oil in the nose, you must decide what can and what is not recommended. For example, sea buckthorn oil against the common cold, even doctors prescribe, but its dosage should not exceed one drop per day. Peach oil softens breathing difficulties and due to its natural origin almost never causes allergies in any of its manifestations. Even if you drip up to 15 drops per day, peach oil will not have a negative impact on the body. But essential oils can not be applied under any pretext.They will immediately burn the entire nasal mucosa.

Aloe juice

Many are interested in whether it is possible to bury the nose of aloe, as this plant has healing properties and helps against many diseases. Aloe juice contains many useful components, but it is necessary to use it for instillation of the nose in diluted form, approximately 50x50 with water and at the same time it is necessary to filter it through several layers of gauze. If these precautions are not followed, then aloe juice, like onion juice, can burn the nasal mucosa.

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