What to do when bored?

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What to do when bored?

Usually, people complain about the lack of time - every moment is busy with things important or trivial. It happens that the routine is annoying, getting boring. Or forever busy person does not know what to do when a free minute falls. And here he is uselessly dangling from corner to corner, or wasting time on a social network. Today we will talk about what to do when it's boring, how to occupy yourself, to spend time interestingly and profitably.

There are several options for what to do when it's boring, here are the most standard ones:

  • play computer or board games;
  • invite friends;
  • chat by phone or virtually;
  • see an interesting movie;
  • do household chores: cleaning, washing, cooking;
  • listen to music;
  • read an interesting book;
  • go for a walk;
  • dance or do exercises, etc.

These options are on the surface, and before them it is not difficult to guess on their own. However, let's talk in more detail about what to do when bored.After all, if boredom becomes a phenomenon not short-term, but permanent, then this already turns into a problem that needs to be solved. To get rid of boredom, you must first understand yourself. After all, there is no universal advice for everyone - it is interesting for someone to read, but for someone reading catches a dream. What can help get rid of boredom, you can only understand yourself.

How to avoid boredom: tips

  • Change. Boredom arises, above all, when the sense of novelty disappears. Try to change something in your life: appearance, work, environment. Prefer a strict style? Put on ripped jeans. Make a new hairstyle, work as a freelancer, etc. You will immediately feel like a new person. Make your life brighter.
  • Improvise, Do not be afraid to do what was previously considered unacceptable. Take the risk. For example, go on a roller coaster, if previously they were afraid to do it. Or try to meet a beautiful girl / boyfriend on the street.
  • Experiment. Stop doing everything according to the scheme, pattern. Have you ever noticed that so many things a person does, like a robot, almostis boringunconsciously by habit? Break this stereotype.Always drive to work by car? Go on foot. Go to lunch at a cafe? Go to the restaurant. Cook for dinner roast meat? And today, cook squid. In any way avoid your life rolling on the rolled-up tracks.
  • Meet new people. Sometimes it is helpful to slightly change your social circle. Of course, everyone remembers the saying "Old friend is better than new two," and this is quite true. But we already know old friends as peeled. The range of topics usually remains about the same. Meet people who are passionate about something - they can inspire you and bring a fresh stream into your life.
  • Be yourself. It is no secret that we constantly play some roles: a child, a parent, an employee, a girlfriend, a lover, a muse, and so on. These roles change throughout life, and this is a natural process. However, it is important to remain yourself, to have your opinion, your values. Try not to accept everything that is dictated by public opinion or fashion. For example, in society there is a cult of money, wealth, success, but are these values ​​important for you? Pass all information through a critical filter.Do not allow imposing alien ideals and values ​​on you. Remember, you are a unique person.
  • Live every day as if he were the last. As you know, a person is a very fragile creature, and his life can be interrupted at any moment. This is so, though it is hard to believe. Maybe tomorrow you will not be in the world. Realize this fact. Are you still bored? Do not delay important matters.is boringfor the future. Do not think that you will have time to do everything tomorrow, sometime later. Live today.
  • Hurry to love. If you have a loved one, that's fine. We often devote so little time to people who are close to us: children, parents, husbands, wives, friends. How long have you called your elderly mom? If you are bored and have nothing to do, maybe you should spend time with your loved ones?
  • Boredom often arises from inability to rejoice. Keep a diary of joy. Record all occasions, even small ones, when you can be happy. Well done work? Reason to rejoice. Have you met a good person? Is it beautiful weather outside? Bought a beautiful costume? Rejoice! Yes, you never know the reasons you can find! The more you celebrate the pleasant moments, the more they will be in your life.And do not forget to praise yourself more often.

How to find a hobby?

The reason for boredom usually lies in the banal idleness or lack of interesting activities. It happens that there is nothing to do, but I don't want to do anything - apathy sets in. In order for free energy to appear, you need to begin to act, namely, to find a business to your liking - a hobby, an enthusiasm, an outlet. She needs every modern man.

If you are not interested in anything, you need to look for something for yourself. There is no person who has no interests at all. Try to learn more new: go whereis boringyou have not been, do something that you have never done. Watch your reaction: something will surely affect your soul and cause you a lively interest. It can be anything: a detail seen in a film, a song, a dance, a picture, a poem.

Try to remember what you wanted to do as a child, but you could not. Dreamed of becoming a skater? Then go to the rink. Wanted to be a translator? Learn a foreign language. Interested in music? Learn to play a musical instrument or take vocal lessons. Do not be afraid and invent excuses. Try it.

There is an erroneous opinion that a hobby is necessarily connected with creativity: painting, dancing, poetry, singing. But you can garden, cook well, make repairs yourself or anything. The main thing is that the lesson gives you pleasure.

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