What if I get irritated after the massage?

Massage is an ancient and very effective method that allows you to get rid of many ailments, age-related changes and ailments that accompany us throughout life. Many boast that after visiting the massage room they feel much better, and even a dozen years younger!

And this is not a PR move of any clinic, and not boasting, who tried the wonders of massage on themselves, people, this is a real fact, which is confirmed by many existing scientific studies.

There are various types of massage: for the face, for the body, for individual limbs, restorative or cosmetic, anti-cellulite, and so on, each one chooses for himself the option that interests him most at the moment.

In fact, massage is a procedure that has practically no contraindications, however, there are cases when after several sessions unpleasant consequences come out on the treated areas of the body - irritations, rashes, pustules, bruises and even serious extensive hematomas.

In fact, irritation after a massage is a completely understandable phenomenon, however, what if this happens? Sometimes its scale can reach very serious limits, and no one wants to walk for several weeks with crimson acne or bluish hematomas.

Why does irritation arise?

Many girls are afraid to use the services of a face or back massage due to possible irritation, even in spite of all the benefits this treatment method can bring. What are the causes of such an unpleasant side effect? Do contraindications still exist? Not certainly in that way.

  • Most often, the cause of acne, pustules and other rashes is an allergic reaction to the massage oil or cream that the massage therapist uses during the session. The fact is that modern massage aids are often made with the addition of synthetic and artificial ingredients for which a particular person may have intolerance. To prevent this from happening, massage tools are recommended to be tested on your body in advance: it is enough to apply a drop of money on the elbow bend and wait 20-30 minutes.
  • If any inflammation or acne already existed on the back or any other massaged surface, then it is likely that after the procedure their number will increase.
  • Unprofessional performance of massage, insufficiently cleansed skin of the hands of a specialist. During the session, the pores open up, and therefore the infection gets into them much easier.

How to get rid of the problem?

Firstly, it is better not to allow the problem, which means that it is necessary to carefully monitor the hygiene of your own skin, as well as the cleanliness of the hands of the master, try to visit only proven massage rooms. Do not massage if there is any inflammation or irritation on the skin at the moment.

If the problem has already appeared, then it can be tried with medications, most often, ointments such as Baziron, zinerit, Skinoren and others. After each session, take a shower, wash off the applied oil with soap and then wipe your back with a cotton swab dipped in salicylic alcohol, which can also be purchased at a pharmacy.

If the rashes are serious enough, it is better not to delay and seek advice from a dermatologist, you may need more serious antibiotic treatment.Folk remedies for acne and irritations can help to cope with the problem.

One of the most ancient and famous folk methods is the use of tar soap. Another option that can be effective in fairly large areas of damage is the use of medicinal baths based on herbs, potassium permanganate, or sea salt.

If several large painful acne has popped up after the massage, they can be cauterized with iodine solution, it is not recommended to squeeze such formations.

How to get rid of bruises?

Sometimes after such procedures, in particular, anti-cellulite or corrective figure, there are rather large bruises and bruises, how to get rid of such unpleasant "jewelry"?

  • The use of special ointments for contusions, or topical preparations with vitamin K. Usually, after the use of such agents, the pain quickly subsides, and the hematomas dissolve within a few days.
  • Immediately after the massage, you can apply ice to the places where the most hemorrhages occur. If after the procedure more than three hours have passed, then, on the contrary, heat can help, for example, in the form of a hot bath or a heating pad.
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