What to choose for travel: a backpack or a suitcase?

When preparing for a trip, you carefully think through the route, book a hotel room or, on the contrary, prefer to follow your own feelings, stopping in the most unpredictable places.

And now you have tickets for the plane in your hands and you are looking forward to a fascinating journey. But here there is a problem - how to pack things, so that your baggage would take up little space and be as convenient as possible for transportation? It arises regardless of which type of holiday you prefer. In fact, incorrectly packed baggage can spoil all the positive impressions of the trip, causing a lot of inconvenience. What is better to choose for travel: a backpack or a suitcase?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, in particular, on what country you are going to, how much days, what places you plan to visit, and on what transport you will be moving. And the backpack and suitcase have their pros and cons.Let's see where it is better to put things, going on a trip?

Pluses of a small backpack

If you are planning to visit one city or just a couple of new places during the weekend, then a small backpack will be the best choice for you. It has the following advantages:

  • All the necessary things will always be with you, and therefore there is no need to constantly return to the hotel in case you need any thing, or to become attached only to a specific city and place.
  • This backpack can easily be placed in the cabin of the aircraft, so you will not worry that your luggage is lost somewhere at the airport.
  • With a small backpack it is convenient to travel in public transport, since it can be put on the shelf in a bus or train. As a last resort, you can keep a backpack in your hand.
  • Does not limit movement. You have both hands free, so you can easily perform any actions, for example, hold the card in your hands.
  • The small size of the backpack significantly limits all your desires to buy a lot of unnecessary souvenirs, so you'll have a more responsible approach to each purchase.


  • It’s difficult to put things into a small backpack, so every time you need a certain thing, you will need to lay it all out and put it back together.
  • All things can be rumpled. In a small backpack you will not be able to put an evening dress or business suit so that they do not wrinkle.
  • The small capacity of this backpack limits the choice of things you can take with you. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your wardrobe a few days in advance, taking into account all possible changes in the weather.

Pluses of a large backpack

Large tourist backpack suitable for longer trips. It will be especially convenient for traveling in Asian countries, as it has the following advantages:

  • Chaos on the roads of Asian countries suggests that it will be difficult for a tourist to plan on which transport he will travel in a city or country: by bus, train, taxi or rickshaw. A large backpack can be placed in any of these modes of transport, which greatly facilitates your journey.
  • It has many different compartments and pockets, so you can pack all things more intelligently.
  • With a large backpack you can travel on the road.
  • It is as roomy as a suitcase, but more mobile.


  • The main disadvantage of a large backpack is a large load on the back.This backpack weighs no less than a suitcase, so with prolonged wear back pain is guaranteed to you.
  • The lack of wheels indicates that all the way you have to carry a backpack on your back. If you are tired, then you simply have no choice but to endure and continue the journey further.
  • Due to the large number of pockets, the backpack is difficult to secure against thieves.
  • When sending a large backpack in the luggage of an aircraft, it may be difficult to pack it.
  • It is very difficult to find a backpack that will fit you perfectly in size.

Pluses of the suitcase

If you go to a resort or a trip to Europe, where, as a rule, there is a good traffic intersection and excellent roads, then you should pack your things in a suitcase. It has the following advantages:

  • The presence of wheels significantly facilitates the transportation of things.
  • The weight of modern suitcases is much lower than the weight of tourist backpacks with a metal frame.
  • Things in a suitcase can be decomposed so that they do not get crushed.
  • Suitcase with hard case waterproof. In addition, it is easier to protect against thieves. It is enough to hang one combination lock. Your things will be safe and sound.
  • It is easy to prepare for shipment to the luggage of the aircraft. You just need to wrap the tape.


  • Suitcase takes up quite a lot of space. Therefore, it is inconvenient to keep it at home or transport it in small cars and public transport.
  • A suitcase is difficult to roll on impassability and paving stones, and to drag it in hands is not very pleasant task.
  • A cheap plastic suitcase can ruin the whole trip. His body can burst with a blow, the lock breaks, and the wheel can fall off at any moment.

Price comparison

It may seem that a backpack is cheaper than a suitcase. However, it is not. Now for a plastic suitcase you can give from 800 to 3000 rubles, while the cost of a decent tourist backpack can be 6000-7000 rubles. This difference is due to the fact that the backpack has more details and requirements for wear. The more qualitatively the backpack is made, the more comfortable it will be.

We hope that this information will help you make the right choice, and you will have only pleasant impressions of your trip.

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