What to buy on sales (not yet run out of size)

These hunters dream not about another man, but about fashionable trophies, which are usually worth their weight in gold by the end of the year. Of course, it is much more pleasant to see new collections, fresh advertising campaigns and to imagine spring wardrobe, but it will be completely stupid to ignore truly precious things. We are not directing you now to the shops, where without the mantra "calm, only calm" it is difficult to remain in adequate condition. The ideal option on the eve of the Old New Year is online shopping, where we found this:

Metallic top

A golden loose top can become a very important piece of clothing even in the most capricious wardrobe. He will make friends with classic trousers, jeans and any skirt - from leather mini to satin midi models. Threw a jacket - and go to work, they took off - to a party. No magic, everything is very clear and simple.The top, despite the metallic brilliance, glows discreetly and intelligently, so that even the most timid will adapt it to everyday life. A fashionable woman will be more brave with red lipstick and no less glittering ornaments. Do you agree?

Metallic Uterque Top

Uterque top with metallic luster (3 550 rub. At a discount)

Silk dress

Blondes, this find is addressed to you! A dress of pale blue shade of natural silk is an excellent replenishment of the wardrobe. A discreet cut, a noble shade, a decent length - everything is perfectly executed and assumes a wide range of devices: from the theater premiere to the bachelorette party with proseco. The finest black tights, bright patent leather shoes, for example, and your perfect look is ready.

Silk dress H & M

Silk dress H & M (6 299 rub. On a discount)

Trench in a cage

Trench tear off almost from the heart. You just look at its color and cut, it's a real godsend for any fashion blogger! And even if we do without irony, then this thing is a must have of the coming spring (yes, yes, again). Fans of quiet beige classics, of course, will turn up their noses, but the young ladies will dare to understand us - you can take it without hesitation.

Zara Trench Coat

Trench Zara in the cage (5 999 rubles at a discount)

Blazer with character

A delightful blazer.Light romance with boyish enthusiasm, incredible practicality and off-seasonality - this is a small part of the merits of this handsome man. Admit it, you are not yet fed up with the ubiquitous plaid blazers or unsightly jeans? Exactly. So take a look - with such a thing your favorite blue jeans and white jersey will play a completely different tune. Around the seventies!

Blazer Free People

Blazer Free People (£ 9 390 at a discount)

Bright down jacket

Who is so fashionable here? That's right - the omnipotent down jacket, and even pink. Passion for jackets do not subside - it is a fact. What will happen to the weather in the coming months is a mystery. So, if, when looking at this jacket, your pupils dilate, and your heart trembles, take it without thinking about temperature forecasts. You understand that the down jacket can be useful in the summer - anything happens in the heavenly office.

Mango down jacket

Mango down jacket (4 999 rub. On discount)

Contrast Backs

Very beautiful sneakers. Beautiful, because, on the one hand, they are concise in design, on the other - with beige leather backs. An adequate alternative to monochrome snow-white (though very beloved) models.

Sneakers Massimo Dutti

Sneakers Massimo Dutti (3 290 rub. At a discount)

Floral Blouse

Blouse with large flowers is very attractive. On the one hand, it is moderately romantic. On the other - quite a fashionable option for the off-season and spring. Create an image at your discretion. In the first case - with a pleated skirt or pencil skirt, in the second - with culottes or cropped jeans. Shoes preferably with a pointed cape. What do you think?

Floral Print Marks and Spencer Blouse

Marks and Spencer blouse with floral print (2 498 rub. On discount)

Printed Sandals

Prepare a sleigh in the summer - it's just about all-all fashionistas, whom a brilliant pair of sandals heats much better than boots with fur. Especially if we are talking about these "upstarts"! A blue floral print looks really good on red velvet. Starting to dream of a summer vacation?

Kenzo Sandals With Print

Kenzo Sandals with Print (11 040 rub.

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