What should be the kitchen?

The kitchen should have everything necessary for cooking, so all its space should be used optimally, and to the maximum. What should be the kitchen - a question of concern to many housewives. To keep order in the kitchen will help dividers and containers. They will help you make the most of drawers and cabinets in width and height, and quickly find the necessary items. It is also convenient to use mounted accessories, they are always at hand, and do not interfere. This will allow efficient and full use of kitchen space.

Color spectrum

It's no secret that colors in our lives play a minor role. They can affect your taste buds, stimulate your appetite, or make you indifferent to food. If you change the kitchen colors and dishes in the kitchen, you can make some changes in your life. In order for food to always be in favor, you can arrange a Feng Shui kitchen.

According to psychologists, the color of the dishes can affect appetite and weight. For example, cold colors - blue, dark green, lilac suppress appetite.Therefore, if you are cutting back your portions and still not filling up, try to buy a blue tablecloth or a set. Yellow, light brown, red and orange - increase appetite and stimulate the production of gastric juice. A bright plate of warm color is perfect for a capricious child who constantly has to persuade him to eat.

What color do you think the kitchen should be? Feng shui masters claim that white is the element of metal. White color does not distort the taste and color qualities of dishes, does not cause subconscious rejection or desire. If you go on a diet, it is better to eat from white dishes, it will control you.

Cookware form

  • Round dishes protect food from negative energy, accumulates energy in itself.
  • Square utensils make their owner more determined and more confident. Eat square dishes before the exam, interview and other events, it will help you to gather.
  • Cookware with sharp corners provokes a wide range of emotions. Emotions will depend on the mood of its owner, it can be stormy anger and passion.

Kitchen interier

The location of the kitchen also matters.If it is located opposite the entrance to the apartment, then the largest flow of energy accumulates in it, and the whole family will overeat.

If you look into the kitchen, your eyes immediately fall on the kitchen table, refrigerator or breadbasket, then you will always feel a slight hunger, and often reinforced.

To correct the direction of energy can be placed in the kitchen indoor plants. To distract from food will help magazines, a table with a bouquet of flowers and a telephone.

Kitchen lighting

Lighting should create a mood. For directional light is better to use spotlights, and for general - ceiling lights.


On the table top they cut meat, cut vegetables, leave washed plates, therefore the table top must be strong. For this fit laminated countertop, resistant to moisture, high temperature and damage. You can also take a tabletop from solid wood.

Work areas

Working areas in the aggregate are sometimes called the working triangle. This is a practical way of organizing a kitchen, and the answer to the question of what a kitchen should be. It is possible to make the kitchen more convenient and functional, given the location of the three main working areas - storage, washing and cooking. The food storage area should be near the refrigerator.The washing area should be near the refrigerator, and it will be good if there is a stove nearby. It is convenient to wash the vegetables, and immediately send them to the pan. The stove and oven should also be placed side by side so as not to carry heavy pans and pots.

Learn more about the question of the working triangle, it will help to make your kitchen a very pleasant place where your family will gather more often.

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