What not to do December 31 - Popular beliefs

The New Year is a holiday surrounded by many signs and superstitions. Of course, one can be skeptical about these warnings, but Luck is a capricious and inconstant lady, so why not try to meet the New Year 2017, according to popular beliefs?

It is difficult to say how fair these signs. After all, if they have gone so long a way and have survived to this day, does it mean that there is some truth in them? Yes, and there are things that take better not with the mind, but with the heart, no matter how strange it may seem ...

That's what folk beliefs are not advised to do both December 31 and January 1:

• You can not celebrate the New Year with debts or empty pockets.

• It is impossible to work on the eve of the New Year and immediately after its occurrence (to wash, wash, clean up).

• You can not take out the garbage in the New Year's Eve.

• You can not meet the New Year in an uncleaned apartment.

• It is impossible to sew buttons on the New Year.

• It is impossible to repair and buy shoes on December 31 or January 1.

• It is impossible to throw out old clothes and shoes before the New Year.

• You can not swear and shout at New Year's Eve.

• You can not meet the New Year alone.

• It is impossible that the New Year's table was empty.

• Do not cut your fingers while cooking.

• It is impossible that there were only women at the table.

• Do not beat the dishes.

• You can not break something.

• Do not pin pins on yourself.

• You can not cut hair and nails on New Year's Eve.

• Do not wash your hair on New Year's Eve.

• You can not meet the New Year in old clothes.

• You can not wear black.

• You can not give books.

• It is impossible not to spend the old year.

• You can not be the first in the New Year to run a woman into your house.

• You can not sing songs at the table.

• You can not swear.

• It is impossible not to make a wish for the chiming clock.

• You can not make wishes that begin with "not ...".

• You can not tell someone about the desire to make.

• It is impossible to throw out a Christmas tree immediately after the New Year.

• You can not extinguish New Year's candles and throw out unburned.

• You can not regret the past year.

• It is impossible not to kiss loved ones.

• It is impossible not to give gifts.

• You can not cry and be sad at the sound of the chimes.

• And the most important thing -you can not meet New Year!

To stick to these councils or not, decide for yourself. Perhaps from the entire list you will choose something suitable for yourself, and this will help you to be a little happier in the New Year. The choice of the right decision comes with experience, and experience, usually, is born only after the wrong choice.

Perhaps the New Year's holiday would not be so fabulous and mysterious for us if we did not tie our ghostly hopes to it. And when they stop believing in miracles, miracles simply die.

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