What kind of makeup can I use for pregnant women?

Surely, every woman has repeatedly heard that pregnancy is a truly wonderful period of her life, which, despite all the difficulties and trials that she will have to go through, leaves an indelible positive mark on the life of every beautiful individual.

But, to be sure, because of the constantly changing hormonal background and the rapidly transforming organism, a woman already from the first months of an interesting situation feels all the hardships that are associated with it.

It must be of high quality.

Terrible stretch marks begin to appear on the skin, pigment spots and permanent acne appear on the face, brittle and colorless nails, falling hair should not even stutter!

But it’s not all the same that you shouldn’t be afraid; possible problems that are associated with global restructuring inside the body of a pregnant woman do not all or all come together, but even if you encounter a small part of them, you really want to get rid of them quickly or minimum, properly disguise.

No wonder they say that a pregnant woman is beautiful, but it is even better if she is well-groomed and happy, who is pleased to look at herself in the mirror.

There is a common myth that in such an important period of life, the female body becomes incredibly vulnerable, and therefore all the usual means for body and skin care will have to be abandoned. Of course, harmful cosmetics have not brought any benefit to anyone, but it is worth remembering that there is a huge amount of cosmetics, which was created especially for pregnant women!

It is worth noting that even doctors do not recommend giving cosmetic products to pregnant women, because most of them affect the level of the dermis, and, therefore, will not cause any harm to the emerging fetus.

If the skin is used to daily supplementation and care before pregnancy, then why should it be deprived of it during this? In addition, a well-groomed woman, who is pleasantly reflected in the mirror, is much more likely to be in a state of mental equilibrium, which only favorably affects the development of the baby.

Most importantly, it is the right choice of cosmetics,because during pregnancy, women have an estrogenic background, which means that changes in skin type are possible, it becomes more sensitive, which entails various negative consequences.

Naturally, the best option is a special cosmetics for pregnant and lactating women based on natural ingredients, because it, unlike the usual, which can contain a huge amount of preservatives and fragrances, is undergoing clinical testing.

Consult a doctor

Drugs that are based on natural ingredients are absolutely safe for the health of the mother and her unborn child, so you may have to reconsider the usual bubbles and bottles, and focus on specialized means.

Although, it is worth noting that it is not always necessary to change all cosmetics without exception, if adverse reactions do not occur, then perhaps you can leave your favorite cream, the main thing is to monitor the shelf life and quality of the product even more carefully.

Stretch marks - a bad dream for pregnant women

Needless to say, stretching is really a serious problem for most pregnant girls, because, according to statistics,every second person has these terrible colorless and sometimes color scars on his chest, abdomen and hips during an interesting position.

With their appearance is connected a lot of female disappointments, because in order not to tell bright advertisements on TV, it is almost impossible to get rid of them with the help of some creams or lotions. The most effective method is surgical, but not everyone has the opportunity and desire for it, and therefore it is best to prevent the problem than to overcome it heroically.

Do not deny yourself the joy

The cause of stretch marks is an uncontrolled change in the body: the abdomen and chest increase, and the skin does not cope with this. For some, the skin is more elastic and easier to recover, while for someone it is “torn” like paper, which causes visible stretching.

To prevent such breaks, special skin care products are needed, which, from the first months of pregnancy, will cleanse, nourish and moisturize it. But what drugs can and should be chosen so that they do not harm the future baby?

Usually, these are products from special series for future mothers, which contain in their composition vitamins and natural ingredients, trace elements and oils, which increase skin elasticity.They are represented by various creams, emulsions, lotions and oils. If you choose the right drugs, then you can not even know what stretching.

And what about the spots?

Almost every woman during pregnancy is faced with yet another nuisance - dark-red spots that appear in the most prominent place, the face. Under the clothes you can not hide them, and their own appearance is not happy! Of course, after the birth of the baby, they will disappear with time, but what to do now?

The main thing is not to use whitening creams that dry the skin and almost always cause irritation. During the period of childbearing, the skin covers change, most often, they become dry and peel a lot, therefore bleaching agents will only aggravate the situation.

Only natural

It is better to limit your own stay in the sun, as well as to use natural cosmetics, which definitely has no contraindications: masks of cucumbers and yogurt, sour cream and dill.

Do not do without sunscreens, the main thing is to look at the composition, it is better to choose products with mechanical filters, for example, zinc oxide, than with chemical constituents.

Natural sunscreens usually contain ingredients such as grape seed extract, green tea or pomegranate. Pigment spots can be masked with the help of decorative cosmetics, but, again, it is better that it is based on natural ingredients as much as possible, for example, mineral loose powder is ideal for these purposes.

Is it worth it to use decorative cosmetics?

Of course, even in such a position, every woman wants to look attractive, and without decorative cosmetics it is difficult to make it. Of course, it can be used, but it must meet certain specific requirements: it must be hypoallergenic, free from aggressive and hormonal chemicals.

It is necessary to abandon the waterproof mascara, as it requires the use of more concentrated means for its removal, and in order not to irritate the mucous surface once more, replace the liquid eyeliner with a pencil.

You can turn your attention towards Russian and European manufacturers who offer cosmetic products at reasonable prices, based on the use of exclusively mineral dyes.

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