What is waxing and how to use it?

If you are engaged in depilation with wax, then wax-melt can be useful to you. But how to choose this device and how to use it? Find out that the procedures are as simple and quick as possible.

What is it?

What is waxing, how to use it? This is a special device intended for depilation carried out by cosmetic wax. The device is quite simple and includes a heating element, a container for the composition, a control panel, a housing and a cord for connection to the electrical network.

Voskoplav simplifies the procedure of wax depilation. First, the device heats the mass to the desired temperature, comfortable for the body. Secondly, during the session, he maintains the temperature, preventing premature wax hardening and eliminating the need to periodically heat the composition.


What are waxing materials? Consider their main types:

  • Cartridge or cassette waxing is designed to work with special cartridges having tips with rollers for a comfortable application of mass and uniform distribution.When choosing this kind of device, consider that the cassettes have different shapes and sizes, so it is better to choose a device and consumables of the same brand.
  • The can wax wax is intended for heating wax, which is sold in separate containers. The bowl is capacious, therefore it is universal and suitable for jars of any volume. The mass is heated to melt, as it is supposed to be depilated with hot liquid wax.
  • Combined wax waxes can be used for depilation with cartridges and wax in jars. Usually the device has a base with two parts: a cassette case and a bowl for containers. Zones can be controlled in different ways: usually the jar area has options for temperature selection and thermoregulation to preserve the liquid consistency of the material.

What to look for when buying?

How to choose wax wax? To find a suitable and convenient option, consider these points:

  1. Volume. It is selected based on the size of the cartridges or cans, depending on what you use. And it is especially important to choose a suitable capacity of the cartridge device, because the cassettes must fit tightly into the case for uniform heating of the contents.And some cassette models have two or even three compartments, which is relevant for beauty salons (one section is enough for home hair removal).
  2. Source of power. Voskoplavy can work from the network and connect to the outlet with a cord or function on a battery or batteries. When heated, the batteries rather quickly sit down, and they will have to be changed frequently. The battery can be charged, which is much more convenient, the more the device does not depend on the location of the outlet, and it can be put anywhere. The device with the cord should be close to the power supply, but it works smoothly (if there is electricity at home).
  3. With or without base. In devices with a base, the case is separate, and for heating it is placed on a stand with a heating element. This is convenient, because you can remove part of the device and stop heating, and then put it on the base again to melt if necessary. In this case, disconnect the stand from the network is optional. Models without bases are more compact, but they cannot be kept on: the wax will be very hot.
  4. The heating time varies from 15-20 to 30-40 minutes, depending on the volume of the bowl or the size of the cartridges and, as a rule, is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for waxing.
  5. Functions.A switch-on and turn-off option is useful, which allows you to not disconnect the device from the network if it needs to stop heating. Modern models are equipped with a thermoregulation function, so that a fixed constant temperature can be maintained to ensure the desired consistency of the material. An indication indicating the degree of heating may also be provided. It is useful to adjust the temperature if it is necessary to heat the mass to a certain state. Another option is the level sensor of the remaining wax in the container.
  6. Convenience and safety of use. The device can have suction cups at the bottom to securely fix the surfaces and minimize the risks of tipping over. Some wax-melts are equipped with holders or handles for comfortable removal of cartridges or wax containers. It is also good if the body is made of materials with a thermal insulation coating: then it will not get very hot and burn hands when touching.

Popular brands

The most popular brands of waxing:

  • “Shape” from the Chinese company “White line”. This is an option with a good quality-price ratio, in the assortment there are models with and without bases.The device is suitable for cassettes of standard volumes (100 grams), as well as the heating of sugar paste for shugaring. Additional function - indication of residue control.
  • Velvet Lady is an Italian cartridge wax waxes with one or more cassette compartments. A wide selection of models with useful options is presented, all devices keep temperature well and can be used both in salons and at home.
  • TNL Professional is a Korean brand with an excellent reputation. The company produces models with and without bases, for one or two cassettes. There is a thermostat, the wax warms up quickly enough, and wax waxes are suitable for the salon and for the house.
  • The Chinese company “Planet Nails” produces compact and easy-to-use wax waxes “Mini Wax”, which have connectors for cassettes (up to three pieces) and a reservoir for can, film and granular wax or paraffin. But the volumes are small, so that in the salons of several craftsmen can not use the device at the same time
  • "Cardi RuNail" d - these are can wax waxes from a Russian manufacturer, in which wax and paraffin can be heated. The volume of the bowl is average - 400 milliliters. There is an option for thermoregulation.
  • Pro-Wax 100 manufactured by White Line. This model is canned, designed for heating a maximum of 400 waxes, intended for hot waxing with liquid wax. The device has a thermostat, bringing to the desired temperature is quite fast, the temperature is maintained for a long time.

Features of use

It is simple to use wax-melt: connect it to the network, place a cassette or container with wax into the body, set the desired temperature (if such an option is provided) and wait. When the mass reaches the desired consistency, begin the procedure of depilation.

In order to serve the device for a long time, provide proper care for it. First, do not leave the device permanently connected to the network and do not operate for a long time. Secondly, clean the inside of the body of wax residue after each use. This can be done with diluted alcohol, oil or specialized means. And before cleaning, you can heat the wax slightly, so that the wax softens and it is easier to remove.

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