What is vein ectasia and how to treat it

Disease classification

In ecstasy of the veins (expansion of the lumen of the vessel in a limited area), there are many varieties, due to the course of the disease and its origin. Depending on this, there are:
- congenital and acquired ecstasy (by origin);
- diffuse, saccular and varicose (in appearance);
- stationary (stable) and progressive form (along the course of the disease).
The reasons for the appearance of this disease can be unlawful exertion (committed even in adolescence), any injuries received, changes in hormonal balance, metabolic disturbances in the body. Also, this condition can be provoked by improper working conditions, inadequate or inadequate nutrition, as well as disruption of sleep and rest.

Treatment of the disease

It is only necessary to start treatment for ecstasy of the veins after a full examination by a qualified specialist Only a doctor can reliably diagnose the disease, determine the degree of its complexity and prescribe the necessary treatment.With a complex degree of the disease, hospitalization and the provision of skilled medical care in inpatient conditions are necessary. Perhaps the use of methods of surgical intervention, if drug methods are not effective.
Existing medical methods of treatment are a combination of the use of physiotherapeutic procedures, as well as drugs (prescribed strictly by the attending physician).
Drugs, methods of their introduction into the body, as well as the dosage are determined depending on the degree of damage to the blood vessels. Often for the normal circulation, as well as the prevention of thrombosis of the veins and capillaries, the drug “Thrombotic ACC” (or acetylsalicylic acid - aspirin) is used. This tool has the ability to inhibit the synthesis of platelets in human blood.
Also, Flebodia600 is an effective remedy, it has phlebotonizing effect, helps to reduce vein distensibility, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces venous congestion, and also effectively increases the elasticity of blood vessel walls.By the drugs of the same group is "Troxevasin".
In order to restore blood circulation apply course treatment means Actovegin, Trental or Pentoxifylline. They are administered intravenously using a dropper. In addition to this procedure, intramuscular injections of nicotinic acid are recommended. In some cases, it is recommended to wear special compression garments. This treatment is combined with physiotherapeutic procedures: physical therapy, mud and radon baths. In this case, the patient is selected an individual diet corresponding to his disease.
Such treatment stops the further development of the disease (if it is in an advanced stage). A complete cure is possible only at the very beginning of the development of the disease. That is why it is necessary to be attentive to your health and in case of the slightest changes or the appearance of any discomfort contact your doctor.

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