What is the Napoleon complex?

Many have heard of the Napoleon complex. And what does such a concept mean? Who can have this mysterious complex, how to deal with it?

What is this complex?

The Napoleon complex got its name thanks to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who went down in history. Everyone heard about his exploits, everyone knows that this man almost conquered the whole world. He was ambitious, power-hungry and very aggressive, but at the same time, historians say, had absolutely no impressive growth.

He was only 5 feet and two inches, or about 157 centimeters. Of course, there are other data, but still on all portraits of Napoleon portrayed as a short man. At the same time, he was able to become successful and, according to psychologists, it was thanks to such small growth.

If you study history, you can conclude that many rulers (and successful and authoritative) were low. So, Lenin’s height was only 164 centimeters, Stalin’s height was about 162 centimeters, Hitler’s height was about 165 centimeters, Alexander the Great’s height was only 150 centimeters.

How is it developing?

In most cases, the Napoleon complex develops in men, as for them a short stature is a real stigma.

  • First, growth is one of the most important external qualities.
  • Secondly, many women choose high men, because they are at the subconscious level looking for a potential father of their children and believe that the stalwart representatives of the opposite sex are more healthy and able to produce full-fledged offspring.

The fundamental moment and the main reason for the development of the complex is just a low growth, which is perceived as a clear drawback. And the development begins in childhood. A small child is often ridiculed by peers. He is constantly trying to prove to everyone his normality and viability. As a teenager, he realizes that something is wrong, begins to feel inferior. A little later, and there are first refusals on the part of the fair sex.

And a short man is more and more acutely aware of his inferiority. And in order to make it less noticeable to himself and, more importantly, to others, he is trying to compensate for it.Since the exterior does not allow to stand out and show itself from the best side, internal qualities are used to compensate. First, the man will do everything to seem powerful and powerful.

Moreover, the more he suffered from the ridicule of peers, the more ambitious will be. Ambitions can grow into something more, and then a man will certainly want to subjugate others.

Low people tend to power and often become leaders, but, as a rule, despotic and authoritarian. Having experienced the taste of power, they understand that they mean something and do not want to lose their positions with such difficulty, therefore they constantly prove and show their superiority.

If a small man could not achieve success in his career, then he will certainly try in every way to stand out in the family. He can become a real home tyrant.

Can women suffer from the Napoleon complex?

The Napoleon complex may well develop in women, but it will not be so pronounced and expressed precisely in the desire for power. As a rule, little girls who were mocked are ambitious, but not so much as to walk on their heads for power and apparent superiority.

Yes, they are constantly striving to stand out and achieve success in their careers.Such women often become leaders, sometimes despotic. For example, Queen Victoria, who is 152 centimeters in height, was more on the throne than any other British ruler.

And some low girls find themselves in other areas. Edith Piaf (147 centimeters) became a world famous singer. And Eva Longoria, whose height is only 155 centimeters, was able to become a model, moreover, in demand and in popularity.

How to fight?

What to do if the Napoleon complex does not allow to live normally?

  1. Try to perceive the disadvantage as a virtue. Yes, low growth can and should be proud of, reinforcing such pride with the saying “Mal zolotnik, yes roads.” And you can also give facts that prove the benefits of people of low growth. For example, low men are more sexual because their blood levels are high in testosterone. In addition, low people live longer, become successful and have higher intelligence.
  2. Watch your weight. If a small person starts to gain weight, then his figure will look extremely ridiculous. But slim slender people are attractive.
  3. Dress properly. Try to choose things, given the type of figure.No baggy items of clothing, they will literally "steal" centimeters of growth. Also, elongated vertical patterns will come to the rescue. It is best not to separate the top and bottom, the whole set should be approximately in the same color scheme. Men better wear thin belts.
  4. Representatives of the stronger sex should choose only short haircuts.
  5. It is important to monitor posture. Walk with your shoulders straightened, do not slouch. If you hunch, the growth will decrease by 10-15 centimeters, and this is absolutely useless.
  6. You can wear special shoes. Girls can choose shoes, boots and sandals on the platform and heels. But for men make special shoes that increase growth.

And remember that growth is not the main advantage!

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