What is the difference between a dummy for newborns?

As soon as a child is born in the family, many questions arise about the care of the baby, one of which is whether the nipple is needed and how to choose it correctly. Parents decide for themselves whether to give a baby a dummy or not, for some it is unacceptable, while others cannot imagine caring for the baby without it.

Criteria for choosing a baby's dummy

Experienced parents advise not to buy soothers before the baby is born, perhaps they will not like the baby. Experts for newborns recommend purchasing nipples that are similar in shape to the nipple of the mother's breast.
Rarely, when a baby has his first purchased dummy, parents will most likely have to offer several models of different shapes to the baby. Dummy material is also important: latex is soft and pleasant for a newborn, but it quickly becomes unusable. Silicone is harder, not all babies like it, but it keeps its shape longer.

Types and forms of baby's dummies

In the children's store you can find pacifiers for newborns of a simple, orthodontic and anatomical shape. The only way to choose the best model is to buy all the forms and offer the baby.
The main difference between the anatomical nipple - they have a slightly flattened or, conversely, elongated shape. This design nipples helps to avoid problems with the sky. Anatomical pacifiers for lightweight and large children can be purchased at the store.
Many newly-made grandmothers advise parents to get round-shaped classic dummies. In shape, they resemble a mother nipple, made of latex or silicone.
Orthopedic soothers resemble a drop in shape, on the lower part there is a small notch that reduces the size of the nipple, eliminates the deformation of the teeth, forms the correct bite. In some models there is an air vent valve, which eliminates the strong pressure on the sky.
In the first months after the birth of the baby, you need to choose short and small soothers. Do not be discouraged if your baby doesn’t like an orthopedic or anatomical nipple, buy a regular latex one. Let your child choose a convenient pacifier.
Often there are cases when babies refused to import expensive nipples and got used to the usual and cheap. Some newborns are ready to suck any nipple, they have no special requirements, others prefer only a certain shape and material.

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