What is perforation?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 18, 2015
What is perforation?

At the dawn of the development of information technology, many computer programs were recorded on special punched cards, and this was almost a piece of jewelry work, since the process of drawing characters required the performer to be accurate and attentive to perform operations. This is one of the perforations. Next, consider other values, find out what is perforation.

In a general sense, perforation refers to both the process and the result of the perforation process, which consists in applying special holes to the material. That is, it can be either the holes or the symbols themselves, or the sequence of actions that is carried out in the process.

There is one more perforation value attributable to cinema. Here, in addition to these two, there is an additional value that defines the perforation as a separate hole in the film.

Perforation is found in other areas. For example, in medical practice, perforation is called obstetric surgery or surgical intervention associated with facilitating the passage of the fetus during childbirth.In the geological industry, perforation refers to a process that will result in an increase in the flow of water, oil and other minerals during the drilling of a well.

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