What is low placenta

The normal location of the placenta is on the anterior or posterior wall of the uterus closer to its bottom. One of the pathological options is the low location of the placenta, when its lower edge is less than 6 cm from the internal cervix of the cervix.
There are many reasons that can lead to such a pathology: fibroids, uterine underdevelopment, inflammatory diseases of the uterus, abortions or cesarean section in the past. It happens in multiple pregnancies.
The lower part of the uterus is relatively poor in blood vessels, therefore at low placenta the fetus receives significantly less oxygen and nutrients. As the fetus grows, the pressure on the placenta increases, there is a threat of its detachment, which threatens miscarriage.
Symptoms in which there is a suspicion of a low location of the placenta - abdominal pain and bleeding. At first it can be insignificant, but later it can become abundant. Such symptoms should be immediately reported to an obstetrician-gynecologist, whose pregnant woman is registered.However, a low percentage arrangement may not manifest in any way, in this case the doctor detects it during a planned ultrasound scan.
To clarify the diagnosis, a laboratory blood test is performed, if necessary, amniography and arteriography.
There is no treatment to correct the position of the placenta, but the negative effects of its low location can be minimized. In such cases, doctors prescribe drugs to pregnant women that reduce the tone of the uterus, as well as glucocorticoid hormones.
A pregnant woman with a low placenta should be extremely careful: avoid physical exertion, do not make sudden movements. Even to sit and lie down should be very carefully, and in the prone position, you must put a pillow under your feet. Sex life with a low location of the placenta is completely contraindicated.
This pathology requires especially careful observation of the pregnant woman. Along with routine examinations, fetal heartbeat should be regularly monitored. If the gynecologist recommends going to the hospital to preserve pregnancy, you can not refuse.
In some cases, a low-lying placenta partially or completely overlaps the cervix of the cervix - then they talk about partial or full placenta previa. Natural childbirth at the same time is impossible, it is necessary to do a cesarean section. An indication for this operation is the location of the placenta 2 cm from the edge of the pharynx.

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