What is itching to heel?

Sergey Kascheev
Sergey Kascheev
August 14, 2012
What is itching to heel?

Let us try to consider the question of why the heel is itching, discarding humor and turning to the signs of the Russian people. To begin with, we exclude from a possible cause various dermatological problems and lack of hygiene. Now we will be able to orient ourselves to the fact that the heel does not itch accidentally, but it foreshadows the onset of a certain event only if we are in a calm state and feel scaly in the absence of external influence.

In accordance with national signs, both heels in the summer itch to the rain, and in winter to the thaw. Scarring of heels in isolation, signs inevitably associated with travel and travel, and how successful they are, says a particular heel.

The simple question is why the left heel itches, we get the answer - to the losses resulting from the trip.

The question to which the heel is itching is right, contains a positive answer and speaks of a profitable trip.

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