What is Hugge, or New Trend of Life in Harmony

Books and textbooks on how we all should start living like this and one day begin to live better than before, come to light with an enviable frequency in all the languages ​​of the world. This time, the Danes took to unveiling the new secret of well-being (intangible!) And told the world about their philosophy of “hygge” - a kind of applied Buddhism for the modern generation, which turned the eternal haste from Monday to Sunday into the only possible rhythm of life. We became interested and decided to figure out why we, Russians, should definitely get acquainted with this trend and even put it into practice.

Literally, “khyugge” is not translated into Russian, because it is rather a situation, not a separate concept, but the closest definition to it is “comfort,” “relaxation,” “quiet pastime.” Someone even calls it the central philosophical concept of the whole Danish society or, certainly, the basis of Danish design, in which a thing must first of all be comfortable and cozy and only secondly beautiful.You are unlikely to find a designer thing or an interior plan, where this very relaxation is absent, because the term “Hugge” for the Danes is also a word to describe some comfortable, safe and familiar to you environment in which you feel excellent. Get together with your parents for Christmas, wrap up in a warm sweater in a restaurant, order a cup of hot cappuccino at your favorite cafe - for all these pleasant moments the Danes have the verb “Huggit”, or again, if you look for the most accurate translation, strive for comfort and Harmony with yourself through little pleasures.

If you think about it, this ideology of simple pleasures is now moving everywhere. Although to many of us, the Khyugge, and in particular the very desire to simplify reality, will surely seem like a dish with a strange taste, because it so frankly contradicts our mentality with its desire for a luxurious and beautiful life, at least for a while. Yes, we are not Danes, but nevertheless some aspects close to the Hyugge have already been intercepted.

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Take the same fashion industry over the past few years: is it really the idea for everyone to suddenly change into sneakers with hoodies,in evening dresses with shoes on a flat sole and in huge down jackets-cocoons - is this not hygge? It seems like the fact that season after season tendencies stretch, last for years instead of one spring and summer, and along with frilly brands, such “hygge” brands - minimalists and ascetics, are becoming increasingly popular in everything related to color and cut. Are the new statements of fashion magazines that now for complete happiness we need not even a basic or cabbage wardrobe (and this, by the way, about 30 items!), But just a leather jacket, jeans, T-shirt and sneakers is not a kind of hoogge for desperate shopaholics? And now let's look at the interior design, where there is a hygge - a praised Japanese strict style, when the bedroom is bright and clean, and in the living room there is not a single extra item that you would not use recently. There are also traits in the travel industry, where ecotourism, friendly tourism with acquaintances and free nights like Couchsurfing, outings with tents and barbecues are increasingly in demand, instead of looking for pretentious country hotels with saunas. Even more Hugge prints in the beauty industry: oils, candles, aromatherapy and all natural-prenatural as part of cosmetics.

Why has lately suddenly began to talk about hugyg around the world? We believe, because for many this idea of ​​simple happiness has become the answer to many questions. Why am I so tired? Why I painted everything by the hour, but still I don’t have time to do anything? Why even over the weekend I can not take a break from work and "restart the brain"? Well, or the core question that many probably came to mind: why, if my part is good, I still do not feel happy? Hugge seems to be responding to you from the standpoint of the Scandinavian temperance: maybe it’s just too complicated for you and it’s time to start by simplifying your own approach to life? Many, of course, on this note will complain that such thoughts are like banal phrases on postcards like “Look at the stars and feel yourself a part of the Universe”, but every year and with each new “trick” on social networks it’s somehow silly or at least it is disingenuous to deny the fact that our generation oversaturated with information needs rest. Including the rest of the "traditional holiday" with a TV, computer, tablet and phone - all four at your side.Getting hooked on a hygge is not going into romantic dreams on a bench in the forest with a book about the Little Prince, but sometimes giving yourself a break, creating around us an aura of harmony and tranquility that soothes our nerves and gives our time-off tired of thoughts, assessments and brain tests.

The cornerstone of a huggie is a feeling of relaxation, something close to a meditative detached approach to reality. You are here and now, and everything else is not important. By the way, many of us need a mantra on vacation, when we check mail even by the pool and are very nervous if there was suddenly no free Wi-Fi at the airport to inform our colleagues that you flew well.

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Hugge is a hard-to-digest theory for residents of megalopolises, where traffic jams, crowds on the streets and the rhythm of life are such that one day you sometimes seem to endure a whole week. But this does not mean that the Danish philosophy of small pleasures in the cities is not applicable - just the opposite, it is vital for cities where there is no this rostral idyll of nature and sluggish feeling of time.Yes, it is not easy to transfer from public transport on a bicycle, and instead of a party, sit down with a book when there are millions of cars and hundreds of new events all weekly.

In the cities of Hugge, it is necessary to search and, perhaps, for the sake of your own meditative good, at times you can change the dynamics of your days (you can start over the weekend, and then everyday life will catch up). How to do it, focusing on the philosophy of Hugge? Get out of the gadgets more often and return to the atmosphere of sincere human communication, again arrange a long sitting at home or away with conversations about anything without the participation of mobile phones. Yes, your friends do not have revolutions and upheavals, as in the Facebook feed, but they give you the energy that we lack so much in the world of social networks, where we live openly strangers to us (and, by the way, far from us as Trump with Melania) events and news. And to regain the most real Sunday, as in childhood, without huge stuffy rooms with crowds of people, without queues and shopping on the run, without stress and endless rushing from corner to corner in search of "better" or "economical."

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