What is he: Alex?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
February 3, 2015
What is he: Alex?

Very often the character of a person depends not only on the innate qualities or upbringing that he received, but also on his behalf. Specialists involved in deciphering names tend to believe that the fate of a person depends largely on what he is called. It is of great importance and date of birth. What is he - Alexey, what qualities does he have? Should I call a child like that?

Main characteristic

As a rule, Aleksei are immediate children who cannot lie and cannot stand injustice. They are very sincere and quite emotional natures. At the same time, adults often consider them to be bullies and proud, because boys named Alexei are in no hurry to admit that they are wrong, if they are sure of the opposite.

In childhood they are fond of fantasy and adventure literature. They have a wonderful memory, and they grab new information on the fly. From an early age, Alexey is notable for his modesty, because of which he often cannot bring his plans and ideas into reality.He really needs support and approval from his close people and is rather painful about criticism. On the topic, also read our article What does the name Alexey.

Characteristics of the name of the seasons

If you are wondering what name it is - Alexey, you should also know when the person with that name was born. For example, Aleksei, who were born in winter, are distinguished by good health, which cannot be said about those born in spring and summer. They also have a strong will, strong character and leadership qualities. Winter Alekseev distinguishes craving for exact sciences, enterprise and practicality.

Men named Alexei, born in the spring, are more emotional, but indecisive. The latter quality does not allow them to openly express their feelings and experiences. They are quite peaceful and do not tolerate conflict situations. Spring Alexey are good family men who love their wives and children.

Alexey, born in the summer months, has a compliant and docile character. He quickly enjoys and falls in love. Character traits are very similar to spring representatives of the name. But summer Alexis more in need of protection and support from others.

Men with this name, who were born in the fall, are much more confident and distinguished by a lively mind.They love to be proactive, concise in conversations and correct. Women appreciate their tact and rationality, as well as the ability to defend and defend their ideas. Often, autumn Alexey is also endowed with charm, for which he is loved at work.

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