What is chronic fatigue syndrome

What is chronic fatigue syndrome

Mostly residents of large cities are ill. Why? Probably the reason for the ecology, emotional tension and stress. Laboratory and instrumental methods of examination do not help us in making a diagnosis. There are no specific indicators that would speak in favor of this diagnosis. In medicine, this is called pathogenic signs (that is, relevant to this particular disease). There can be no.

Because this diagnosis can be made only in the event that all diseases that can cause such symptoms are excluded. And there are a lot of such diseases. For example, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchopulmonary diseases, infectious and many, many others. These are the so-called common symptoms of intoxication and asthenia, that is, weakening of the body. And we must try very hard to treat the doctor, to which the patient will apply with such complaints. It is necessary to exclude first of all the most serious illnesses

This is done with the help of a survey (tests are very different, instrumental examinations, including the most up-to-date: CT scan, MRI, expert advice, depending on the alleged disease). And only when the doctor is confident (with a high degree of probability), you can exhibit chronic fatigue syndrome, send to psychotherapists, psychologists.

Consultation of the latter does not hurt even earlier, but it is only possible to surrender to them completely after a thorough examination. And then go ahead - follow the recommendations of psychologists (however, a competent therapist can handle it no worse). And these recommendations are mostly common, so to speak, character - proper sleep, walks in the fresh air (possible with elements of physical activity - skis, skates, bicycle), swimming (not only the pool is welcomed, but also open reservoirs - seas and oceans, rivers and lakes), travel (even non-durable and useful - changing scenery!), hobby (drawing, music and much more). Proper and rational nutrition, rich in protein and vitamins, such as the so-called Mediterranean diet (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits).But in some cases, applied and drug therapy. For example, light antidepressants (afobazole), stimulants, tonic, with the effect of psychotonics. There are many of them, and among the herbal preparations one can find effective: tinctures of Eleutherococcus, Aralia, Zamanihi, Ginseng, and also preparations from a number of nootropically (picamilon, pantocalcin, nooclerin, Semax and many others).

The main thing - do not run this state. Do not expect that it will take place within a few months. It will not work, but it will get worse, and then we will get some complicated disease from the psychosomatic category (there are many, if not all of them: hypertension, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer - these are just a few common examples).

What is chronic fatigue syndrome

Interestingly, somatic diseases (including those listed above) can cause various psychopathologies, including chronic fatigue syndrome, for a long period. And he, in turn, can lead to somatic diseases. This is how our body works. Be all healthy and happy!

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