Which is better: automatic or mechanic?

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Which is better: automatic or mechanic?

Motorists can not come to a common opinion about what is better: automatic or mechanical. But we can consider the advantages and disadvantages of two types of automobile gearboxes.

Choosing which is better: automatic or mechanic

The cost of the car and cost. As a rule, the automatic box costs more for 1,000 - 2,000 dollars. Expensive mechanics can be in the sports versions. As for the economy, then here the machine is inferior to mechanics. Cars with an automatic transmission when driving through the city consume 5-15% more fuel. If you go out of town, the fuel consumption of the mechanics and the machine is almost the same.

If need repair. Maintenance and repair in a car with a gun will be more expensive. The fact is that the oil with an automatic transmission must be changed more often. And with it you need to replace the filter. In a car with an automatic transmission, each gear has its own multi-plate clutch.As a result of friction between these clutches, particles are formed, which must be eliminated along with the old oil. With the mechanics in the car oil will last you much longer. It turns out that in terms of efficiency and maintenance, the mechanic is better than an automatic one. If we touch on the topic of repair, then, of course, both types of gearboxes will be expensive during repair, but the machine will definitely cost more.

Unexpected situations in winter. How often motorists complain about the condition of the roads in winter, clearing the streets of snowdrifts leaves much to be desired. On slippery surfaces, it will be harder to drive a car with a gun than with mechanics. Although if the machine is equipped with electronic auxiliary systems that do not allow the wheels to slip during sudden movement or when starting off, then there is no need to worry. Otherwise, with the mechanics to go out of a snowdrift will be much easier than with a gun.

Overclocking The dynamics of acceleration from the mechanics is better than the machine, if we consider the cars of the average price range. In modern cars with an automatic transmission, you can not worry about it.

Comfort.In this regard, of course, the machine gun wins! For those who have comfort in the first place, you can not even think about whether it is better - automatic or mechanic. For such an advantage in an automatic transmission, as a comfort, you can forgive all its other disadvantages. No need to fuss in the endless city traffic jams, with the "automatic" stop annoying traffic lights set at a distance of two hundred meters from each other.

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