What is actually sold in SUNLIGHT hypermarkets: the investigation of the secret buyer

Suddenly, on Saturday evening, my Marusya, a childhood girlfriend, called me. We have been talking with her for a long time. In her hoarse voice, I realized that she was seriously ill. Blowing loudly into the speaker phone with her nose, she asked me for a favor to work tomorrow for her as a secret buyer. It only takes a couple of hours, she assured me. It was necessary to do it in the salon Sunlight - this is the world-famous trade fair for jewelry, watches, precious stones and other favorite women's trinkets. I have been there and more than once, walking, like in a museum, for a long time peering into brilliant windows. Of course, I agreed not to miss this opportunity and learn firsthand why there are such cheap jewelery with gold and diamonds in the Sunlight shop.

But what did the term "secret buyer" mean?I imagined vaguely, so I did not fail to ask Marusia about this, who continued sneezing hard into my pipe, occasionally breaking on wheezing.

She made a simple analogy with the famous program “Revizorro”, giggling, saying that I would be Lena the Flying, only without operators, rudeness and public fights. Although ... and it was possible in our life. I will have to come to the salon and evaluate fully all the work, the situation, as sales assistants perform their duties. Detailed instructions issued by the customer. For example, there is a shop of elite underwear. And the director wonders why such small sales, so you need to figure out what the reason might be: perhaps the salesmen behave inappropriately with the customers, or maybe they even “hammer” into work and sit somewhere near “scratching their tongues” with other sellers, and maybe they make extra charges for the goods, adding a certain amount to yourself in your pocket?

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I decided to prepare in advance for the visit and read some information on the Internet. It was from there that I found out whose production of Sokolov silver rings and earrings in the Sunlight shop is in fact.This information can be used to test the knowledge of consultants, surely they should study this before they go to work. Well, since we almost have an exam here, so why not ask some tricky questions.

I have already rolled my lip, Marusya said that if you need to buy something, then all the expenses will be on the shoulders of the customer. In my thoughts, I already dressed up in a diamond necklace and tried on a golden ring. But the girlfriend quickly brought me back from heaven to earth. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and that experience would not hurt me, and, armed with a questionnaire and a voice recorder, I set off on a mission.

Meet on clothes

The first item in the questionnaire was the description of the space in the store. Glancing carefully around, I ran my finger along the first shelf to check for dust. Immediately I thought that white gloves would not hurt me, but my finger was clean, as if literally 5 minutes ago all traces of dirt had been removed, perhaps it was. Nobody noticed me in this case, the people were in darkness, so all the consultants were busy with stories about beautiful diamonds. Even the security guard, having glanced over me, continued to do his usual business, without suspecting that something was wrong.After examining everything in detail, I saw glass doors sparkling with cleanliness and freshness, a washed floor, pictures on the walls that reflected the essence of the place where we were.

why the Sunlight shop has such cheap jewelry with gold and diamonds

Sunlight Jewelry Store

Each shop window was marked with information signs so that people would not get confused in the variety of jewelry manufacturers. By the way, it was almost impossible to get through to them. Immediately I remembered the Soviet lines for sausage. But here they are selling jewelery, still not a cheap pleasure!

When I managed to get to one of the shop windows, I began to look at the tags, studying the information. In general, I would like to know whose production of real diamonds in the rings from Sunlight, but this information was not written anywhere, so I decided to ask the seller. I nevertheless found something to complain about, one tag lay a little sideways, so it was impossible to see what was written there, I immediately wrote it down in the questionnaire.

The next point was about the appearance of the consultants. In my opinion, there were equally attractive, slim girls without visible flaws. They were all dressed in branded clothes, badges hung on them.The girls smiled amiably, although the cashier’s smile looked somewhat strained and insincere.

Talk to you heart to heart ...

Now I have to figure out how the girls are trained to communicate politely with customers. I play the role of an annoying customer who wants to know everything and everyone, asking a bunch of questions. I began to look out for a look at which of the consultants is now free, a pretty girl Julia came into my review. She almost immediately noticed that I wanted to turn to her and immediately approached.

My first question was what country is the manufacturer of Falcon decorations in Sunlight. I was surprised that it turned out to be Russia. For me, it has already become commonplace that everything is MADE IN CHINA.

I continued questioning.

- Is it true that you sell real gold?

Why are rings so cheap at SUNLIGHT

Gold ring with a diamond (order)

- True. A sample on products directly indicates that this is real gold. It can be seen on the inside, for example, the ring. Put it in the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation. An examination is carried out, where it immediately becomes clear that the product is, say, not gold, but copper. Of course, no sample is placed on such an ornament. This is the law.

“Why are gold rings so cheap at Sunlight?”

- It's all about big purchases. Our network consists of 250 branches throughout Russia. We buy a large number of products and can well keep the price lower than in other stores. Therefore, our customers become permanent more often than in other networks and can afford regular purchases of their favorite jewelry. Many people ask us why diamonds are so cheap in Sunlight - the answer is the same as with gold rings. We only sell real diamonds and gold at Sunlight, you will not find any fakes here. Of course, diamonds are different, respectively, and their prices are different. For example, in this decoration (she showed me a magnificent ring with a huge diamond in the middle), the purest diamond weighing 0.7 carats. And it is appropriate. And here (Julia got a pretty ring with small stones on the edge) diamonds weighing less than 0.1 carats, so the price is lower. But in any case, these stones remain diamonds, regardless of size.

The answer was quite exhaustive.

- What do these numbers on the label mean: 17 grams? Is it really weight?

- This is the number of faces. All stones are processed differently, the more faces, the higher the cost of a diamond.But it is practically impossible for a non-specialist to determine the number of faces, especially in small pebbles, even approximately. Seventeen faces are a classic, there are much more - 57 gr.

From a conversation with Julia, I realized that the good quality of gold in Sunlight is a law that no one is going to break, because the network has for many years established itself as a responsible and stable seller in the jewelry market.

By the way, Julia was very polite and sociable with me. Of course, this was a plus in the secret buyer’s application form.

- And do you have discounts for the birthday of the buyer in Sunlight?

- Yes, this is a must! When's your birthday? Come, we will definitely pick up something for you.


The following questions are already being born in my head: who is the manufacturer of silver jewelry at Sunlight and why Sunlight has such low prices for gold watches. I stubbornly hold them in my head, so as not to forget, I just opened my mouth to ask the first one, but then I heard shouts and snatches of phrases, from which it becomes clear that a scandal begins. What a luck for a secret buyer! I begin to listen, quietly turning on the voice recorder.

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