What is a strike?

February 19, 2015
What is a strike?

The word "strike" in English (strike) means "hit." The direct meaning of this word affects its meaning in the language - you will see for yourself now.

Below we take a closer look at what a strike is, what values ​​this word takes in Russian.

Meaning of the word "strike"

In Russian, this word is used in three meanings.

  • In bowling, a strike is a situation in which a player knocks out all the pins with a single strike. Strike may be evidence of the player's skill or may be the result of a miraculous combination of circumstances, luck.
  • Also the word "strike" is used in baseball. In this sense, it means that the striker did not deliver the expected blow when serving. The head referee declares the strike after the filed ball has passed through the “strike zone”, which is located above the “house”. There is another case when a strike is announced: when the ball went past the strike zone, however, the striker tried to beat him, but he did not succeed. If the striker began to wipe, but changed his mind, the judge will fix the strike on the 1st or 3rd phase, based on the striker's stand.Also, the judge announces a strike out in case the batter has three strikes.
  • Also, the term "strike" is used in the derivatives market. In this area, the strike price is the price that is set in the option. According to it, the buyer can buy or sell the underlying asset for the current option. The option writer must buy or sell the appropriate amount of the underlying asset. Depending on the ratio of the market price and the strike price, the following types of options can be distinguished: with one's own, with one's money, without one's money.

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