What is a fresco?

Mark Mikhalev
Mark Mikhalev
March 25, 2013
What is a fresco?

Anyone more or less interested or enlightened in matters of painting and world art a person from school should know what a fresco is, because fresco is one of the oldest types of pictorial art. It is known that in the times of the Aegean culture (the second millennium BC) frescoes were already popular and widely distributed.

A fresco is a wall painting technique that involves applying an image of paint on top of wet plaster, which distinguishes it from the similar “a secco” technique. Raw plaster as a basis for strengthening the image. When the plaster with the image applied on it dries, a thin transparent calcium film forms over the image, which protects the image from external threats, mechanical damage, moisture and other things.

To our time, the term fresco began to be applied not only specifically to this technique, but also to any wall painting, and the concept of “buon fresco” is used for classical fresco, which translates as “pure fresco”.

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