What is a class?

Denis Mulchin
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What is a class?

As a rule, if we say the word "class", then immediately there are associations associated with school and education. The classrooms in each school are referred to as classes, a group of pupils enrolled in one program is also called a �class�. The year that a student spent studying at a school is called a �class.� But this word is multifaceted and expresses many different concepts. What is a class, try to figure out more.

Class in various sciences

The class in exact translation from Latin means �group�. Therefore, it is not surprising that this word began to be actively used when grouping phenomena and objects in various fields of human activity. One of the first was scientific activity, in particular, biology, in which the �class� is a group of living organisms with common characteristics. In other words, the taxonomic classification of organisms distributes them into classes. Mathematics and arithmetic are two areas of science where the word "class" is also used, but with slightly different designations.In mathematics, a class is understood as a set, that is, a class is a synonym for this word. In class arithmetic, it is used to denote several orders of a number, which are separated by a comma during the writing process. A rather �young� science of programming also uses the word �class�, which denotes an abstract data type in the field of object-oriented programming, which sets the general behavior for a specific group of objects.

If we consider what is a class in the humanities, then this word means the lexical-grammatical category of a noun, reflecting specific, both semantic and grammatical features. Sociology is a science that actively uses the �class� to determine the community singled out in relation to property. In addition, the same community stands out in relation to the social division of labor.

Class in other areas

In culture, the use of a class is associated with the name of several films. In 1994, the Klass! Television company was organized on the broadcasting territory of the Russian Federation. The level of service in public and other transport is called "class".This word has the same meaning when determining the level of comfort of a hotel, for example, �business class room�. Expressing our emotional state in relation to some event or phenomenon, we often say �Class!�. What is a class in professional activity? At industrial enterprises, in business of any complexity, in the service centers there are specialists whose level of professionalism divides them into classes. For example, a first-class specialist, that is, a specialist of the highest category.

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