What does the shape of your lipstick say about your personality?

You can aimlessly apply your lipstick, but the way you do it says a lot about your personality. So says New York makeup artist Mario Dedivanovich, among whose clients are many celebrities, including Kardashian.

In support of this, Mario created an insightful infographics and published it on his page in Instagram.

So, if your lipstick still retains its original shape, you are a well-balanced person. Ladies with flat tips of lipstick, apparently, are frank, at ambitious ladies the tip of lipstick will have the diagonal form, and at women with a grip - peaked. If your lip tip is twisted, you are obviously sociable, while real romantics will have a concave shape of lipstick. If the tip of your lipstick is angular, you may well be energetic and irritable, while generous and generous ladies will see there only roundness.

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