What does the early gray say about your health: we analyze

Unfortunately, gray hair can also appear at an early age, which undoubtedly upsets and makes you wonder: is everything in order with my health?

In fact, the fears are quite justified: if already in 25–30 years, not just single gray hairs appear, but, for example, whole bunches on certain parts of the head become discolored, then you should consult a doctor and get tested to find out the cause of early gray hair.

And recently, it has been said at all that the appearance of gray hair in different parts of the head (for example, tufts on the top or silvery temples) speaks of a malfunction of specific organs. Find out if this is so.

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First, it is important to understand that our hair color is due to special pigments, in the development of which the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland are involved. The same melanin begins its work even before the birth of the child - in the womb of the mother. But the activity of its production decreases after 30 years.That is, the pigments die off, and melanin does not have time to be produced so quickly - the speed is already significantly reduced. From here and gray. But after all, someone can boast a bright head of hair and at forty with a tail, and someone mercilessly pulls out gray hairs, having slightly crossed the 20-year mark.

Gray hair depends on many factors. Nervous at work, worried because of problems on your personal front, do you burden yourself with unnecessary psychological stress? Please - depression and stress will add you gray hair and frustration. Often you are dieting, severely restricting yourself in nutrition, count calories? Choose - the perfect figure or the perfect head of hair!

Add to this not the best ecological situation, improper hair care or even neglect of them, abuse of hair dryers, curling irons, hot tongs, frequent and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, staining, etc. And you ask: where is the early gray hair from?

In addition, gray hair may be too early and unpredictable due to genetic heredity. Notice the age at which your mothers, fathers, and grandparents began to turn gray.

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Our expert therapist Natalia Soldatova told whether it was time to sound the alarm if gray hair appeared at a fairly young age.

- There are three, so to speak, script graying. The first - age, from old age does not escape after all. The second is premature: there can be a lot of reasons. The third is hereditary. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fight with gray hair - it can only be painted over. But it’s perfectly possible to take care of and minimize the risk of its early appearance. You need to eat right and balanced. Your diet should contain foods rich in chromium (this is wheat bread), calcium - any greens, milk, nuts, iodine - sea cabbage and fish, iron - buckwheat porridge, apples, lean beef, zinc - eggs, mushrooms. And, of course, fruits and vegetables! But do not rely only on food and goodies. Gray hair can be a wake-up call saying that something is wrong with your thyroid gland. Be sure to consult with the doctor-trichologist, do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland. In addition, more often spare your hair. Do not abuse with chemical staining and complex styling. It is better to feed them with masks, oils.Wash your head with warm water - never hot or icy! Wear panama in the heat and hats in the cold. Take care of your emotional state, because all the stresses come around comes around in the first place and, unfortunately, on the exterior.

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