What does a witch look like?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
March 5, 2013
What does a witch look like?

Recently, television is replete with occult programs. We are constantly shown sorcerers, psychics and witches, and we understand that such people live among us. But what a real witch looks like that you need to get round and fear.

Witch signs

Modern witches today are not similar to the caricature of Jacks from fairy tales, they are almost the same as we are, and they live in our world, therefore, in order not to stand in their way, you need to know how they look.

  • These are attractive women, more often brunettes, less often brown-haired and red. They have a wonderful figure, but they still have something repulsive in their appearance: an eye, or hairy arms, or a smile.
  • They are very smart, erudite. Their mind amazes others. They all have their own opinion.
  • Dress up very stylish and sexy, often in dark colors.
  • They keep to the side, women hate them, as they attract the attention of all men without exception.
  • They adore nature, as it is their element. But with the technique they are not in tune. In their hands everything burns and deteriorates.
  • How to identify a witch? First of all, in the eyes. They have a heavy, penetrating gaze that can ruffle a person. When a witch looks at you, she wants to hide from her gaze, to run away.

How to check witch

To make sure the woman you suspect is exactly the witch, there are a few proven ways to test a witch over the years.

  • When she came to your house, quietly stick a knife in the door jamb. Instead of a knife, you can stick needles in the door and out the window. If she is really a witch, she will not be able to leave your house until you take the knife out of the door.
  • You can also put a knife under the table oilcloth. While the knife is there, the witch will not be able to get out of your house either.
  • It is necessary to trace on the ground, left the witch's foot to drive a nail. The next day she will limp.
  • In front of the entrance door of your apartment, insert two needles crosswise into the rug, with sharp edges towards the door. You will invite the witch to visit you as much as you like, she will not come, rest assured.

Thus, if you suspect that someone from the women you know is a witch, then you can check it out in practice.

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