What does a tick bite look like

Walking through a forest or shrub grove can bring not only health benefits, but also trouble in the form of a tick attack. Ticks are blood-sucking insects that can attack a person not only from tall trees, but also from the outermost branches of a bush, and in some cases from tall grass. The tick hunting method is quite simple. This insect takes a position on an elevation on the side of the flattering path, where there is the greatest chance of meeting an animal or a person who can live on blood. It may seem to many that such a primitive creature, like a tick, reaches its goal only in rare cases, but as recent studies have shown, these insects have excellent instincts, so they use every opportunity to profit with fresh blood.
A tick can bite a person in any part of the body, and in addition, there are cases when ticks crawled into the auricle and stuck to blood vessels in this area.Ticks prefer secluded places where there are skin folds and where blood vessels are located close to each other. When a tick can not immediately find a convenient place to bite, it can dig at any site. Most people who have been attacked by a tick are not immediately aware that they are feeding the parasite, as ticks have a special anesthetic that they inject into the skin of the victim.
Bite affected skin may look different. In some people, when a tick bite is observed, a large bruise appears, in the center of which a tick's abdomen swollen with blood sticks out. In other cases, the bite is more localized. At the site of tick bite, there is always a red wound, which is quickly healed, but at the same time it is very itchy. Skin manifestations of tick bites can also include allergic skin rashes.

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