What does a camel eat?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 6, 2013
What does a camel eat?

Camels live in deserts, where the whole earth is covered with sand. The question appears by itself: what does a camel eat? Of course, in the deserts, in addition to the sands, there is also snow in winter, and in early spring, after the snow melts, humidity remains, thanks to which many small grasses and flowers grow, albeit briefly.

Seasonal meals

When summer comes, the moisture evaporates, and everything that grew in the spring dries up. But some of the water still manages to seep deep into the soil, exactly where groundwater accumulates. The roots of large trees, for example, such as saxaul, sand acacia reach the groundwater, so they have the opportunity not to dry out.

In the deserts there are places where there are huge thickets of these trees. This is what the camel feeds on in the desert. Having found such thickets, he begins to chew the branches of these trees with pleasure. But there is a problem: food sometimes gets not just like that, before you eat, camels sometimes have to work hard to reach their food.And yet the camel alone will not be alone with these branches. Saxaul leaves are almost absent, we have only green twigs, while the acacia leaves are very small, and besides, they are also very hard.

The main delicacy of a camel

In the desert, in addition to the above trees and shrubs, there is still grass, which is called a camel thorn. It grows not very high, about no more than one meter, but it has a very big plus: it is very densely branched. On the camel thorn leaves grow, which have a bright green color and a round shape, the foliage is very juicy in taste, and the branches are spiny, which, in fact, justifies the name of the plant itself. A camel thorn provides itself with water due to the fact that it has huge roots, sometimes they can be longer than five meters. The roots freely reach the groundwater, so the camel thorn foliage has such a bright color even in hot summer.

But there can be competition for such a juicy plant in the desert, because not only a camel, but also gazelles, and saigas, and donkeys, and horses, and even ground squirrels can enjoy it.

Camel thorn from the legume family.In the spring, after its stems grow, small pink flowers grow on them, and in the fall real flowers appear from the flowers, containing seeds that are scattered in winter and early spring. After the appearance of moisture, the seeds begin to take root. If during the time when the earth is saturated with moisture, the root did not have time to germinate well, the camel thorn dies in the first year of life, but those seedlings that have time to take long roots, for many years delight the camels with lush leaves. That's what a camel eats in the desert.

I would like to remind you that this is the main food that camels eat in the desert, and that for them this food is enough for life. We hope our article has answered your question about what a camel eats in the desert.

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